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Riding Resolutions for the New Year


Are you making any riding resolutions this new year? We asked our fans, SmartPak employees and Team SmartPak riders what resolutions they are making for 2013. Check out everyone’s responses and add your own resolution in the comments.

“Eat less, exercise more, save more money, and be more organized!” – Team SmartPak Rider Sue Blinks

“I plan on riding as much as I can. Riding is the best therapy there is. I love every minute!”
– Kay, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“This year, I am resolving to get more time in the saddle! With my “mane man,” Cody, mostly retired, I’ve been lessoning here and there to stay in shape, but I’ve missed having a consistent ride and a horse I feel like I can really work on. 2013 will be the year of the lease for me! I’ve already looked at a really cute, quirky little mare at a local eventing barn, and I can’t seem to get her out of my head. My main goal is a lease and regular lessons, but my stretch goal is to hit a few events before the year is out!” – Sarah, Branding

“My New Year’s resolution is to finally get my TB in the show ring! After almost two years of blood, sweat, and tears (and a year and a half in a field before that) we’re almost ready!!! I’m so excited!”
– Tamika, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“One of my resolutions this year is to stop dwelling on things I have no control over and instead focus positive energy into the things I can improve. I’m excited to see what I can accomplish this year when I’m not stuck on things I can’t positively affect!” – Sara, Customer Care

“Beginning Jan 1, 2013, I’m going to eat an apple a day. In a recent study, adults who consumed one apple on a daily basis had fewer health issues requiring medical intervention. That is, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! (It’s finally been proven.) I’m sure my horse would like in on this particular New Year’s resolution.”
– Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian

“My horse resolution is to let my horse Gio be more of a pet! Sometimes I think I get too caught up in training to compete, and I miss out on the fun and relaxing stuff!” – Justine, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“I’m going to run a 5K in 2013.” – Kent, Web Marketing

“Haven’t been on a horse since before my kids were born— this is the year!”
– Clare, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“I am excited for 2013 because I plan on showing in the cutting pen for the first time ever! Just started riding cutters a few months ago, and I’m loving it!” – Sarah, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“I want to remember to be thankful for every day this year, no matter what struggles the day may have brought. I am determined to find a western barn in the area to start taking lessons at again. Not knowing much of MA, this had been a challenge in the last year.” – Paige, Customer Care

“Not a riding resolution for myself, but I really hope I can get my Anglo saddle broke this year!”
– Kirsten, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“My New Year’s resolution is to clean one room of my house every day so that I never have to clean the entire house at once. Pretty exciting, huh?” – Kristen, Web Marketing

“I want to get my horse Skeeter and me solidly into the Tadpole Division in eventing without me freaking out over jump height.” – Margaret, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“My New Year’s resolution is to make sure I do some form of exercise every day, not including riding!”
– Jacqueline, Customer Care

“My goal is to pin and prove a 29-year-old large Appy pony can compete with the larger, bigger horses in regular flat classes on a local level.” – Katie, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“My New Year’s resolution is to train my dog Boone to not bark at the doorbells on TV.” – Meghan, Marketing

“Both mine and my horse’s resolutions are to be brave. We feed off each other’s energy, and we both need to stop being such big chickens!” – Angie, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“My resolution is to start riding (again) and become a horse owner (again). Been away from riding for too long!”
– Jennifer, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“I resolve to get my post pregnancy self back in the saddle for a weekly dressage lesson.”
– Maria, Merchandising

“My resolution is to ride in some Hunter classes as well as win one championship in the 3′ jumper divisions I’m doing on my new horse, Federman.” – Shanna, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“My equine-related New Year’s resolutions are the following: (1) go for my USDF Rider Performance Awards in Training and First Levels, 
and (2) take advantage of the great educational opportunities through the New England Dressage Association, including riding in one of their symposiums!” – Kristin, Creative

“My goal is to get horses that work well for camp kids and improve the conditions that we currently have for them. Not that they are bad, but a non-profit can only do so much per year.”
– Sarah, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“I have a BIG New Years Resolution: WEAR MY HELMET!! I bought a jar that I’ll put $1 in per ride when I forget my helmet—fingers crossed it works!” – Meaghan, Store Associate

“My goals are to continue to be fit and set an example for my students that exercising outside of riding is important to prevent injury as a rider as well as perform better and have better balance on a horse. More work without my irons would be a good idea, too!!” – Hope Glynn, Team SmartPak Rider

“I just want to ride and spend more time with my beautiful boy! I’m disabled, but horses are the best therapy in the world!! I haven’t ridden in a couple of months and it is painful for me, but I love it so much that I’m not about to give up. My horse is so patient, gentle, and forgiving. Even if it has been a while since we’ve gone for a spin, he does what I ask of him just like we’ve never missed a day! That’s one of the MANY things I love about him!! I wish all the horse lovers out there a Happy, Horsey New Year!!” – Miranda, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“I have to get back to riding as I have not been in several years. The total union and oneness of riding with magnificent creatures to me is unlike any other joy on earth!!” – Laura, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan

“My resolution is to get back on track with riding my OTTB. It’s been a rough few months. In August, he rolled too close to a fence and took out an entire section. He had gashes all over along with 10 staples in his leg. I then fell off in November, which caused a small fracture in my knee. I just got the all clear from the doctor. Here’s to a less klutz-filled year for the both of us!” – Tyline, SmartPak Shopper & Facebook Fan



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4 comments on “Riding Resolutions for the New Year
  1. Jackie says:

    My New Year resolution is to work on finding that quiet zen spot inside of me and really connecting with my horses…not just ride.

  2. Judi McNeil says:

    Teach my horse, Jazz, that a tarp on the ground is not a scary monster and that nothing will happen to him if he walks over it! Geeeez!! Tried everything I know and everyone else I know (including trainers). Usually ends up in a broken halter. Any advice out there?

    • Allyson says:

      Try groundwork. Don’t necessarily start with the tarp, but other things like plastic bags or grain bags. Get him used to the noise, and make a little something for him to walk through when he’s confident with the bags. Gain his trust and confidence with you, and continue on from there with the tarp. That’s another thing I’m working with an Arabian I’m working with, and he is responding well now that he has my trust. I feel that groundwork is the best way to have your horse get over ‘scary things.’ Very important, have patience and take it slow. That’s the key 🙂 And sometimes a little bribing…

  3. Allyson says:

    My resolution is to ride an Arabian that I’ve been working with for about 9 months on the ground. He hasn’t been ridden in about 6 years, let alone seen a saddle or even worked before I have started working with him. Have to wait for the arena to get fixed, and I think we’ll be in the clear 🙂 Just have to count on Flash

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