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The “other” animals of SmartPak


As a customer of SmartPak, you’ve probably talked to one of our fantastic Customer Care Representatives. You know that we’re pretty much either horse owners or dog owners (or both). You know that we often bring our dogs to the office (since you may have heard them barking in the background on a call to us), but have you ever wondered if we have other animals that we share our lives with? We’re all animal lovers, and many of us have cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles, and many other types of critters we’re proud to call our own. Here’s your chance to learn a little bit about these other companions! And if you also have “other” animal friends you call family, feel free to share pictures on our Facebook page!

-Sadie and Spencer, owned by Jess, Customer Care

-Mocha and Toffee, owned by Heather, Finance

-Crikey and Lando Catrissian, owned by Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian

-Bailey and Darby, owned by Jessica, Marketing

-Sabrina, owned by Keith, IT


”We rescued Stoli and Vincent about eight years ago. They’re litter mates and had tested positive for feline HIV. Their mother was a stray and had been killed, so they ended up in a shelter. Because of their HIV status, we were told that they would only live 4–5 years and would have serious health complications. Knock on wood, they’re eight years old and going strong. Oliver came to live with us about two years ago after my son said “Mom, I want an orange kitten, and I want to name him Oliver”. We found Oliver on Craig’s list and met his owner in the parking lot of Hooters in Pawtucket, RI to pick him up. He is quite frankly the best $20 I’ve ever spent.”
-Oliver, Vincent, and Stoli, owned by Melissa, Merchandising

-Ron, Hermione, PB, Jelly, Tabitha, and Lolly owned by Elizabeth, Customer Care

-Cosette, owned by Jessica, Customer Care

-Captain and Molly, owned by Carrie, Customer Care


”Simba definitely thinks he sits above Nala and Dante on the pecking order.” 🙂
-Simba, owned by Carey, Web Marketing


”This is Giselle, a semi-domesticated cheetah who was raised (with her brother) in captivity after they were found orphaned in the African bush. While she is definitely not my pet (though I have made donations for her care), she keeps me hard at work at SmartPak because her picture graces my screensaver and reminds me how we at SmartPak are part of a much larger movement of people all over the world working hard to keep ALL animals healthy.”
-Giselle, friend of Brad, Web Marketing/Circulation/Canine


”My two cats, Tipperary (“Tippy”) and PJ, both girls, are the two kitties I rescued. Here’s a picture of them lounging with Scoutie.”
-Tipperary (“Tippy”) and PJ, owned by Sara, Customer Care

-Bruce, Fiona, Truman, and The Honey Badger, owned by Michelle, Customer Care

“Winston and Sukoshi hard at work on one of my work-from-home days!”

-Winston and Sukoshi, owned by Claire, IT

-Stella, owned by Kelcie, Customer Care

-Sydney, owned by Val, Customer Care

-The Henriettas (yes, all 5 have the same name), owned by Maria, Merchandising

“This is my rabbit Harriet, who decided to jump up on the couch to annoy Max!”
-Harriet, owned by Lissa, Marketing

-Robert Pattinson, owned by Kristin, Creative

-Alex, owned by Jessica, Customer Care


”I have many animal friends at home, but the one that is with me every day at work (he lives here, after all) is my Betta fish Floyd, who I inherited from a SmartPak intern last summer! Watching fish swimming is supposed to be relaxing, so I take advantage of that and am quite a nerd about my fish (I have a Betta at home, too).”

-Floyd owned by Delia, Customer Care

-Fluffy, owned by Becky, Customer Care


-Cupcake, (a.k.a. Shmupie), owned by Erica, Finance


”Here is my cat, Feder (pronounced Fay-dur). I adopted her from a friend about four years ago, and she is a fourteen-year-old Manx—so no tail! Her favorite hobbies are sleeping upside down, purring, and apparently show jumping…”

-Feder, owned by Casey, Customer Care

-Annabelle, Oliver, and Willow owned by Carrie, Creative

-Sparkles, owned by Lyn, Customer Care

-Rezzie and Romeo (a.k.a. Thing 1 and Thing 2) owned by Megan, Customer Care

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  1. Amanda says:

    Awww – how precious. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! What a neat idea…

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