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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: weekend update – February 4, 2013


During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…


“I had THE best time with my best friend in the world who came for a visit. Her dog Hanna’s first visit to the ocean. We all had a blast.” – Heather, Merchandising


“My horse, Diem made a trek down to Aiken, SC, for two months of spring training. After leaving snow, ice and frigid temperatures in the teens here in Plymouth, he was happy to stretch his legs “naked” in the 50-degree Aiken sunshine.” – Sara, Creative

“You don’t have to be in Florida to compete at a recognized dressage show in Illinois in the winter! We are fortunate to a large, heated facility north of Chicago that hosts a two-day rated show every January. I scribed for “S” judge Joan Darnell from Texas on Saturday, and we saw tests from 7:30 to 7:07, almost twelve hours! Talk about a hand cramp! Many breeds were represented, including Haflingers, Friesians, a Connemara, even a mustang. Scores ranged from the 40s (eek) to well over 70 percent! It was the first time either Joan and I had seen the new USDF Rider Tests and they were…interesting. Thank goodness I have a judges continuing education program coming up about them!” – Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian


“Susan, Kaitlyn and I were in Del Mar, CA for Clinton Anderson’s first Walkabout Tour of 2012. It was a great show and we really enjoyed getting to meet the horse owners in Southern California who follow his method.”
– Becki, Marketing


Sprocket goes for a run

“Where did the weekend go?! After a super-busy work week, I was really ready for a relaxing weekend, and that’s exactly what I got! I had two movie nights curled up on the couch and enjoyed some super-delicious home-cooked food and watched the snow falling softly outside – amazing! It wasn’t all just lazing about though, we explored a new lunch spot and checked out an exhibit at a local art gallery, and I went for a snowy morning run with my boyfriend’s dog. All in all, a super-fantastic weekend that left me refreshed and ready to rock the week 😀 Happy Monday!!” – Sarah, Branding


“I had a great weekend! On Saturday I worked but when you work with amazing people it generally doesn’t feel like work at all. Then on Saturday night we had a farewell dinner to one of my friends who is moving off-cape. Sunday was also fun, I showed up to the barn to find that we have a new horse on trial, he is very sweet and was very receptive to the ample amount of treats I provide! I also had a great trail ride on my horse Ritchie with one of my dearest friends Kristin and her horse Booker. It was a great time both our boys were very good despite our minor encounter with a truck on the trails. One of my two Portuguese Water Dogs Abby was at a dog show for the weekend and won best female both days so with these points it marks the halfway point to her AKC Championship (making me a very proud mom). Sunday night included a long overdue dinner with girlfriends while all of our significant others watched the game.” – Whitney, Customer Care


“This weekend I enjoyed some quality time with my mare Luna. We had a great ride, and got to use her new Nantucket Swarovski Crystal Browband. She was quite pleased, I think because she feels she finally got the tiara she deserves!” – Kerri, Marketing

“After almost a year since my horse tore his DDFT we finally cantered under saddle yesterday! He was, of course, a bit silly, but he felt amazing! I forgot how much I love his canter.” 🙂 – Sara, Customer Care


“I adopted a kitten on Sunday! Little Ruby has had a rough start at life, so I’m very excited to be giving her a safe place to call home.” – Carrie, Creative


“My weekend was spent mostly at the barn. On Saturday, I got the phone call from my barn owner that every horse owner dreads: “Your horse isn’t feeling well.” I got to the barn and Ax’s whole face was swollen to twice the normal size. The vet came out and determined that Ax had an allergic reaction to something in her hay and administered some steroids, antibiotics, and painkillers. Thankfully, she is feeling better now, and we enjoyed a quiet ride yesterday, after I managed to get all the mud off her!” – Emily, Accounting

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