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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Meet Marcia and Wilco


Name: Wilco Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 3 Discipline: Western Trail Riding Owner: Marcia Moeller While flipping through one of SmartPak’s catalogues, I came across SmartDark & Handsome. Within a couple of months of feeding this supplement, Wilco’s coat was a

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Drago comes to America


“I’ve been lucky enough to own several horses over the years, and they’ve all been purchased here in the United States. This past year, I decided that I would really like to buy a young, green horse from Europe and have a fun project to work on. I started talking with my trainers about this a year ago in February 2012. I was leasing a really nice horse so I was in no hurry…”

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Finding the perfect horseback riding vacation for you


For most people when they think of summer, they think of vacation. However, for most of us riders (at least if you’re anything like me), the thing we love most about summer is riding! Whether we’re looking forward to hitting the shows or hitting the trails, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than snug in the saddle on a beautiful, sunny day. Unless, of course, we could be in a saddle ON VACATION.

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Impaction Colic in horses: how to keep things flowing


“I have a 10 year old Reg Tennessee Walker Mare. She has had impaction twice in the last 6 months. I was able to clear the impaction and she went back to being herself. However, friends have suggested feeding her Metamucil to keep things flowing…”

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Sunshine and Quarter Horses: behind the scenes for our Western spring photo shoot


“It’s funny being in the catalog business—when everyone is just wrapping up Christmas, we’re already thinking spring! So, at the end of December, all of our exciting new products (including some awesome, brand new Rockin’ SP Fly sheets) made their way down to sunny Ocala, FL, for our spring photo shoot…”

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Peek in Our Paks – Mollie B.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

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Barefoot or shod: what’s right for YOUR horse?


“Hello Dr. Gray. I am writing today in regards to shoeing. There seems to be a trend towards riding barefoot. A huge article just came out in Dressage Today magazine about Shannon Peters taking a few of her top performers barefoot. I am intrigued by this concept because I have been taught that horses always need shoes for added stability. The thought of riding without shoes is equal to the sin of jumping without a helmet. Should my training level dressage gelding go barefoot?…”

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Drink it Up: All About Electrolytes


If salt makes you thirsty, how exactly do electrolytes work?

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You are now leaving Funky Town


We’ve all been there. You get to the barn and there is just something, well, funky going on with your horse’s skin. But what is it?! And what can you do about it? We’ve put together a list of the usual suspects and some helpful hints on how to handle them…

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Ask the Farrier: Hoof Circulation Q & A with Danvers Child, CJF


“Some hoof supplements say they support healthy blood flow—why is that important? I thought hooves were “dead” tissue. – BR from Waynesville, NC”

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Innovative breeches—what’s not to love?


At SmartPak, we get you because we are you, so we know that you probably spend just as much time in your breeches every week as you do in your jeans. Finding the perfect pair is important because nothing makes you feel better than slipping into a pair of breeches that makes you feel (and look) your best…

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Ask the Farrier: Important factors for hoof health


“Several riders at my barn use hoof supplements for their horses, while others swear by a particular farrier. When it comes to healthy hooves, what factor plays the biggest role? — BM from Washington D.C.”

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What’s new for spring?


“Your new SmartPak catalog will be arriving soon. With so many amazing products (designed and selected just for you and your horses) how do you know where to start shopping? Let me help get you started in the right direction with my must-haves for Spring.”

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Horse Illustrated’s Spring [Fashion] Forward


“This spring, expect to find riding gear that’s packed full of performance features, with both modern and traditional elements of style…”

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Stop pests at the source

Stop pests at the source

Tired of endlessly spraying for flies? Sick of choking on chemical repellents? Prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place! We’ve got four simple ways you can ensure your horses are fly-free all season long.

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