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Down Under Horsemanship in Tampa, FL


This past weekend was stop number two for the Clinton Anderson Walkabout Tour in sunny Tampa, Florida. SmartPaker Susan and I had the chance to hang out with the Down Under Horsemanship crew and hear some great horse stories from our customers. This was my first time attending a Clinton Anderson clinic to learn about how he helps horse owners build better relationships with their horses and progress with their training.


I had the opportunity to listen in on some of the demonstrations Clinton was doing and as any horse person knows, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to horses since they are all so unique. The techniques he shared could be used on a variety of horses – from young horses just starting out to horses that have more advanced training. Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to retain everything from a two-day clinic and apply it when I get back to working with my horse at home. That’s why it’s so great that Clinton offers videos, books and even forums on his website where you can continue to learn about his “Method.” With so much information available, it’s no wonder why so many horsemen and women look to Clinton for advice when working with their horses.


On top of all of the great information from the clinic, I also learned more about the No Worries Club. This club is an extension of the clinics and DVDs that help to target specific issues through short video segments. Members of the club are granted exclusive access to a website that has even more tips, tricks, and training to work on at your own pace. They even have the chance to earn free tickets and discounts on all of his gear—how neat is that!

Aside from learning from Clinton, I also had the chance to learn more about our customers and the supplements they are feeding their horses. Many people I spoke with are feeding Omega supplements which offer great overall support, especially for horses that don’t have access to fresh pasture. Providing omega 3 fatty acids, like what you’d find in SmartOmega 3 Ultra, also helps to support cellular health and a normal response to inflammation—a great addition for any horse’s supplement program.


Next stop is the Walkabout Tour in Oregon April 6-7 and we can’t wait to learn even more great tips from Clinton and his team!

Check out Clinton Anderson’s website at to read more about Clinton and the 2013 Walkabout Tour.

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