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Peek in Our Paks – Mollie B.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

This Month’s Pick

Staff Member: Mollie B.
Department: Creative
Horse: Cadenza “Eden”
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

I rode my first horse while on vacation with my family in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. I was sitting in front of my dad on the horse, and after a few minutes I told him he could get off the horse because he was making it go too slow and I could do it myself. I was only two years old.

Despite my parents’ best efforts to keep me as far away from horses as possible, a friend from elementary school took me to her barn when I was nine, and I was hooked. In less than a year, I convinced my parents to purchase my first pony, Chloe. My years with Chloe went by far too quickly, as I soon outgrew her. I was so upset about selling her that my dad made a deal with me. He promised, “When you graduate, I’ll buy you another horse.” It was January of eighth grade, and middle school graduation was a few short months away. After I was handed my “diploma,” I ran up to my dad and said, “When can we start looking for a new horse?” He replied, “Mollie, I meant COLLEGE graduation, not eighth grade graduation!”

Eight years later, here I am with the perfect mare, Eden. She was definitely worth the wait.


Eden moved up to the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy from a small barn in Houston, TX. A week later, she saw her first snow fall. Even though she is seven years old, there are a lot of new things to get used to in this arctic tundra I had brought her to. Being a new horse owner, I wanted to make sure that I was helping her stay healthy as we start to compete this spring.

Eden’s SmartPaks

SmartCombo Ultra Pellets

This ships free!
SmartCombo™ Ultra Pellets

As Low As: $119.95
(210 reviews)

When I ordered Eden’s first SmartPak, I started with the basics: a joint supplement, a hoof supplement, and a skin and coat supplement. When I found out about ColiCare, SmartPak’s colic surgery reimbursement program, I decided to switch her to SmartCombo Ultra Pellets instead. It includes all of the supplements she had already been on along with SmartDigest Ultra. It’s perfect for her because it covers all the areas she needs support in as she continues to grow and mature into an awesome hunter. Her coat is shining, her hooves look strong, and she never comes out of her stall uncomfortable.


There are a lot of factors that can contribute to digestive stress, and I feel good knowing that I’m supporting Eden’s digestive system and helping her manage that stress with SmartDigest Ultra. Plus, I feel great knowing that feeding SmartCombo Ultra in SmartPaks means that I may be eligible for $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement should I need it. How awesome is that?


SmartLytes® Powder

As Low As: $11.95
(427 reviews)

You might think electrolytes are most important in the summer, but they’re also important in the winter. Horses actually tend to drink less in the winter because of cold or frozen water, but I know that hydration is essential to Eden’s health. SmartLytes encourages Eden to drink, helping make sure she is staying healthy.


SmartCalm Ultra Pellets

SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets

As Low As: $29.88
(1426 reviews)

Living on the East Coast has been an adjustment for Eden. With new sights, smells, places, and jumps, there is plenty for her to look at. Even though she doesn’t necessarily “spook,” she gets very looky and will either completely lose focus and throw her head in the air or halt in her tracks to look at what’s going on. I started her on SmartCalm Ultra Pellets to support her nervous system and help her stay focused in the ring.


Why Mollie Uses SmartPaks

SmartPaks are good for your supplements. It’s wonderful knowing that I don’t have to worry about my horse’s supplements being fed accurately and consistently when I can’t be there. I also love that when I need to make changes to my horse’s SmartPaks, the online SmartPak Builder makes it quick and easy to add new supplements.

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2 comments on “Peek in Our Paks – Mollie B.
  1. Cameron Adair says:

    Eden is just lovely. I have two of her full siblings – Cuervo WH and Cahlua WH. You will find the Cabalito offspring are so talented, ridable and kind that you can partner with them from trail riding to the Grand Prix ring. Best wishes on all you do together and she is very lucky to have such a loving owner.

  2. Suzanne Hickham says:

    Mollie, she looks great! I miss her, but it’s nice to know she has such a wonderful home with you.

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