What’s new for spring?


Hello & Happy Spring!

Your new SmartPak catalog will be arriving soon. With so many amazing products (designed and selected just for you and your horses) how do you know where to start shopping? Let me help get you started in the right direction with my must-haves for Spring.

Piper Breeches

Like a potato chip, you can’t have just one! Refresh your schooling wardrobe with one in every color. At this price, how could you resist?

This ships free!
Piper Knee Patch Breeches by SmartPak

(548 reviews)

This ships free!
Piper Full Seat Breeches by SmartPak

(622 reviews)

This ships free!
Piper Plus Knee Patch Breeches by SmartPak

(58 reviews)

2. Alexus Sweater Soft Shell Hoodie & Vest

Is it a soft shell or is it a sweater?! It looks and feels like a sweater but has the features of a soft shell. Waterproof, windproof and breathable…this triple threat will protect you from the elements all while helping you look like a million bucks.

Alexus Sweater Soft Shell Hoodie by SmartPak
(4 reviews)

Alexus Sweater Soft Shell Vest by SmartPak
(7 reviews)

3. RJ Classics Washington Xtreme Soft Shell Hunt Coat

Perfect for any discipline! All the features and technologies you would expect to find in coats that are 3x this price.

This ships free!
RJ Classics Washington Xtreme Soft Shell Show Coat

 $462.00 - $562.00
(15 reviews)

4. Samshield Helmet

The comfort is unparalleled and the styling is impeccable – I’m obsessed.

This ships free!
Samshield Premium Helmet

(23 reviews)

This ships free!
Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet

(46 reviews)

5. Tredstep Raphael Tall Boots

Why have we cleaned and polished around laces for all these years? The Dressage crowd had it right, lace free is the way to go! Appropriate for either jumping or dancing between the letters, these boots are sure to become your new favorites.

This ships free!
Tredstep Raphael Tall Boot

(28 reviews)

A Peek in Melissa’s Tack Trunk

These are the little things that make life in the barn easier. I absolutely can not live without them.

1. SmartWorks Lavendar Utility Balm

This stuff has become my go to solution for all kinds of problems like blanket rubs, dry skin, and scrapes. And…it smells absolutely DIVINE.

SmartPak Lavender Utility Balm

(16 reviews)

2. Moser Mini Arco Clippers

My personal solution to giant, loud horse eating clippers, these little beauties plow through even the toughtest trim job quietly without complaining.

This ships free!
Moser Mini Arco Clippers

(8 reviews)

3. Roeckl Chester Gloves

My go to glove for showing in all seasons. Long lasting, easy care, looks great. Couldn’t ask for more.

Roeckl Chester Glove

(123 reviews)

4. & 5. Effax Boot Polish and Speedy Leather Shine

These tools absolutely changed my life. The polish comes in an amazing applicator that prevents me from getting black polish all over myself and everything in my general vicinity. The Speedy Leather Shine puts that “military” shine on my boots even between polishes. It is like my own personal secret weapon.

Effax Boot Polish

(17 reviews)
Effax Speedy Leather Shine

(18 reviews)

Melissa fills us in…

Some of us call her Melissa, others, “MH,” and a select few affectionately refer to her as “Hammie.” She’s Melissa Hamlet, our VP of Merchandising. She oversees the fabulous team of riders and SmartPakers that works hard every day to source, select and even design the latest and greatest gear. Here’s a little more about Melissa…

When and where did you start riding? “I started riding when I was 7 in Leesburg, VA at Maintree Farm.”

What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done on horseback? “Fox hunting in VA, in a snowstorm, jumping over a coop literally into a river during a snowstorm while my helmet was falling in my eyes is a close tie for the weekend I spent riding cutting horses in Oklahoma with Bill Riddle.”

How many animals do you currently own? “3 cats (Oliver, Stoli and Vincent), 1 dog (Gimli) and 1 horse (Drago).”

Melissa Hamlet

Melissa as a rider: I grew up in Virginia and started riding when I was about 7. I never looked back...riding and horses have been a part of who I am since that first ride all of those years ago. I’ve fox hunted a little but have spent most of my time competing in Hunters and Equitation. I rode on the IHSA Team in college and even competed in some IHSA Alumni classes after graduation. These days you’ll find me in the Adult Hunters, Hunter Derbies and Adult Equitation. Melissa as a SmartPaker: As VP of Merchandising, it is my job to oversee all of our product selection and development. Me and my team travel the world to find and develop things we think are worthy of being in your barns, on your bodies and on your horses. How cool is that?!

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