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Fall or Ride the Couch

I picked up riding just a few years ago, and happened to find a barn in Oxford and start taking lessons with the trainer from Morocco. He is an incredible rider and has ridden in France when he was young. He is rather a strict teacher, but the barn is very laid-back, and it turned out to be a perfect match for me. He is also very funny and not always “politically correct”, but his lesson is always great and give me articulate advice – but what I remember most is that “if you ride a horse, you will fall someday. If you do not want to fall, stay home and watch TV on a couch” Sure enough, I fell few times and it was not always pretty – actually quite painful – but those words always come back to me at the worst moment, and always makes me smile.

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5 comments on “Fall or Ride the Couch
  1. Linda Perkins says:

    Our daughter’s trainer always says to “End the lesson on a good note” a one hour lesson has morphed into a 3 hour one to get both the horse and my daughter on a good note. She has the patience of Job and the cheerfulness of daisys. I love her for what she gives both my daughter and the horses.

  2. Letitia says:

    When riding a horse and taking lessons remember:
    Determination not Frustration

  3. Belle Magna says:

    At the barn that i ride at, they have this 12 hand pony i like to ride. Shes a little crazy and bucks at the canter. My trainer always yells to me, “hold on to the crazy squirrel pony!”

  4. Elizabeth Hund says:

    My very British trainer would say: “Sit upon you sit-upon” It really doesn’t get classier than that!

  5. Elizabeth Hund says:

    My very British trainer would say: “Sit upon your sit-upon” It really doesn’t get classier than that!

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