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Meet Rebecca and Bourbon-On-Snow


Name: Bourbon-On-Snow
Breed: Saddlebred
Age: 26
Discipline: Retired from pleasure, trail and driving
Owners: Rebecca Williams

From our June 2010 Edition:
I am a certified veterinary technician and work for an equine veterinarian. My own horse, Bourbon, struggles with metabolic problems related to high insulin levels. Because of this, I have had to be very careful with his diet. I like SmartPak products, and many of our clients use them.
I read about SmartControl IR and decided to give it a try for Bourbon. He has been on SmartControl IR since spring 2009, and has had no episodes! Though he is retired, he still likes to get out on the trail. Since using the SmartControl IR, I have been able to put shoes on him and take him out, which he enjoys a great deal.

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I carry information on SmartControl IR in the vet truck, and pass it out to all the owners of
metabolically challenged horses. We have seen excellent results among many of our clients’ horses as well.

2013 Update:
At 26 years old, Bourbon is still on SmartControl IR and still going strong! Although I don’t ride him anymore, I love to watch him trot and canter around the pasture. Thanks to a solid management program developed with my vet (including supplementing with SmartControl IR), he hasn’t had any founder flare ups and his quality of life is great.

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2 comments on “Meet Rebecca and Bourbon-On-Snow
  1. Debbie B. says:

    How can you tell if a horse has metabolic issues?
    Bourbon looks great and happy.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Debbie, some equine conditions and diseases are challenging to see with the naked eye. If you feel that you might have a horse at risk for equine metabolic syndrome, the best option would be to have a conversation with your veterinarian. I’ve also included a link to our webinar talking more in depth about this disease. I hope that’s helpful for you! – SmartPaker Casey

      Understanding Equine Metabolic Disorders:

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