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Meet Rehab and Honey


Success Profile: Honey
Age: 9
Breed: QH/Arab cross
Owner: Rehab Entenmann
Discipline: Natural Horsemanship


I keep my horse at home, and while there aren’t a lot of other horses around, there are plenty of cattle nearby. And with cattle come flies.
I’ve used SmartBug-Off for years, both for my current horse, Honey, and for my old horse, Aristos. I was worried Honey wouldn’t eat it, as she’s very picky—new treats may as well be poison to her—but she’s gobbled these pellets up from day one!

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I’ve always been happy with the results as both horses showed very few signs of bites from the flying pests that plague other farms. In fact, anyone who comes to our house is surprised by how few flies we have with a horse on the property, and it’s all thanks to SmartBug-Off. Honey and I thank you for this, as do my neighbors!


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One comment on “Meet Rehab and Honey
  1. Gail Wiese says:

    I’m going to order this.. we have the same problem. The neighbor has a heifer pen and loafing barn which is a huge fly breeding problem. I used to use those fly masks but they would end up somewhere out in the pasture and we wouldn’t find them till we went in to mow it. this sounds good, hope it’s as good as it sounds.

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