The Aussie Invasion


What could be more exciting than seeing a cowboy here in Massachusetts? Having that cowboy in the SmartPak office to do some filming! Newest Team SmartPak rider Clinton Anderson and some of his Down Under Horsemanship crew made the journey from Stephenville, TX to spend a few days with us here at SmartPak. Being their first trip to our office we wanted them to experience all Plymouth had to offer. So, aside from touring our office, we also sent them down to the waterfront to get a firsthand view of the purported landing place of the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, in “America’s Hometown.” Visitors typically expect something that would resemble the Rock of Gibraltar but are perplexed to find something quite a bit smaller. Suffice it to say, the Down Under Horsemanship crew responded as most people do when seeing the rock for the first time with a “That’s it?!”


Next stop was the Mayflower II, the replica ship of the Mayflower, which transported the Pilgrims to the New World. Unfortunately, this stop was also a bit of a disappointment as the replica ship is currently in another part of the state for maintenance. So, we did the next best thing and took them out for some amazing seafood! It’s safe to say that no one went hungry that night!


Back in the office, Clinton had the opportunity to tour our facility and warehouse, meet with our staff (and several of their 4-legged friends), do a little filming, see our Customer Care Team in action, and have some great laughs with President and CEO Paal Gisholt.


We thoroughly enjoyed hosting our newest member of Team SmartPak and his crew and look forward to a great partnership.

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41 comments on “The Aussie Invasion
  1. Susan Hanson says:

    If you are sponsoring or endorsing Clinton Anderson in any way I will be cancelling any future orders with SmartPak.
    I also know several others who will be too.
    A very recent horrendous rant on his forum about the death of a horse in ‘boot camp’ at his facility revealed his true crass,rude unprofessional inner being.
    No respect for someone like him….

    • Cindy Johansen says:

      Please don’t believe everything you read. I also saw the rant – and I’m not convinced that Clinton was responsible for any of it. I’m also not convinced that the people involved didn’t contribute to the issues. I know I would be horrendously sad if I lost my horse in any circumstances aside from natural causes… and especially in someone else’s care… however, things happen. So when I put my trust in the person who cares for my horse when I can’t, then I KNOW I won’t be pointing the finger at that person if something goes wrong that is beyond anyone’s expectation of care.

  2. Susan Nehez says:

    Gee Susan Hanson, a little over the top perhaps? Did you read the WHOLE blog, all 17 pages of it so far? Horses DIE in training. It happens at the best of trainers. Obviously you haven’t had much lifetime experience in the horse business One death and you tell people to stop using SmartPak? The more knowledgeable of us will continue to support SmartPak and the fine products they put out!

    • Catherine Clark says:

      Clinton and his method saved my horse’s life and I’d never be doing the great things with him. Anyone who says nasty stuff does not get it and never will. I will support Smartpak because of Clinton.

  3. Betty Bennett says:

    Surprise , Stuff can happen when involved with animals . Had a beloved 6 yr old Rottie who jumped at the storm window in my home,( a place of safety ), while I was at work at something outside. Severed arteries,tendons decapitated a paw pad .Emergency surgery , brought him home and he respiratory arrested on Rx pain pill from the Vet. Did I blame myself, heck yeh!!!!Did I blame the VEt , NO, NO . Have I recovered from the loss , NOT.!!!!It is insane to come to a quick judgement of someone who promotes safety and a genuine interest in teaching proper care of horses. Society always looks to blame others . As you can tell I love and respect Clinton Anderson .Met him twice and , unless you have all the facts continue to use Smart Pak……Sincerely Betty

  4. Catherine Clark says:

    I plan to send my horse to Clinton and will have the utmost confidence in his safety and training. Knowledge always wins out over rants. I also have confidence in SmartPak.

    • Rhella Spiering says:

      I would suggest that you take your horse to a clinic of his first. It may change your mind. Also, the breed of your horse is a consideration in selecting a trainer. I advice this after atking my horse for his clinic in AZ in ’09. I pulled my horse before the end of the clinic because of his treatment of her. I might add. . . the audience was dead silent. I do not recommend him but it is your horse and your training. But watching him through a whole clinic not videos and bits and pieces may give him a clearer view of him as a trainer. Wishing you and your horse the best.

  5. michael vermaas says:

    Good for you Susan Hanson. Unfortunately, there are way more people that are clueless and have no idea about training horses who will continue to use guys like CA and many more horses will be dead, either psychologically or literally.

  6. Allan Buck says:

    It is more than just about one horse.
    It is about professional representation.
    It is about personal integrity, trust and respect.
    It is about Care, Custody and Control.
    It is about fiduciary responsibility.
    It is about far more than one horse, it is about all horses.
    It is about a man who runs and whips horses.
    It is about an Aussie calling himself a horseman when in simply reality he is a manhorse. The horse does not come first, Anderson’s mass media marketing is far more important.

    • Rose Hosafros says:

      It’s true accidents,illness cause animal deaths, but often there is negligence involved and needs to be investigated! I read Clintons reply to to those who were critical and it sealed my suspician that something wasn’t above board. To date there has not been a clear explaination of the situation that lead to the horses death. There has been a connection made to “hobbing” and if that was the case,this horse obviously was not a good candidate for that and at the least should have been supervised during the training. Clintons attitude in his reply left me with the feeling he clearly viewed the horse as a possesion,an object and the owner should have been satisfied with the “replacement” he considered of value,totally not recognizing the emotional aspect of what the owner was going through. His overall expression of “horses die” was not the type of attitude I would expect of a trainer I would want to trust my horses with ! Too many unanswered questions !

  7. Lee Earnshaw says:

    Good for you, Susan Hanson! I am boycotting Smartpak, too, until they stop sponsoring this callous jerk. Bad enough that horses die in his boot camp, but his shrugging it off in his statement full of cuss words took the cake!

  8. From all the horses downunder at the CA ranch. If a trainer any trainer warns you horses die in his program run, gallop, as far as you can go away. If your owner tries to trailer you there..bite, kick, squeal and plead to stay home. No trainer should routinely have horses die during training. So many that its mentioned on his website and in his own words in a blog. Any company that is for the health and welfare of horses should watch who they promote. It should be about more than money. But I forget for some, it is about the money. So it will be us horses who suffer…not the owners…and we will lie here…six feet under…on the grounds of the Downunder Ranch.

  9. Lee Earnshaw says:

    from an article about him…”. The advent
    of Clinton’s clinics coincided with America’s
    baby boomers having the time and the cash
    to spend on themselves after their kids have
    left home. Most of his clients are women aged
    between 45 and 55, many of whom have never
    owned a horse and are woefully unprepared
    to handle the challenges presented by 500 kg
    of potentially unruly horseflesh. Recreational
    riding is more popular and more widespread
    in the USA than here in Australia…”

  10. Sherrel Stephenson says:

    We considered SmartPac but have decided against it. We will not buy products, supposed to be good for the horse when they sponsor some one who is so callous and unfeeling in his reply to questions regarding the death of a horse in his care. It would be hypocritical of us to do so.

  11. Bellson Yurtoes says:

    I don’t think I would want this person representing any products or company of mine.
    Here is a copy of the letter from Clinton Anderson regarding the death of the Friesian Horse at his facility:

    Statement from Clinton regarding Academy Horse incident

    By Clinton Anderson28. March 2013 11:27

    First of all, this is nobody’s business other than mine and the horse’s owner. If people would pay more attention to their own lives, their own horses and their own problems, the world would be a much better place. But there are too many looky-lous and sticky beaks that want to stick their nose in and stir up trouble when there’s no trouble to be stirred up.

    #1 People need to get a grip on themselves. Animals die. Humans die. It’s called life. In fact, there’s this bumper sticker that was invented that says “s*** happens.” People put it on the back of their bumpers because that’s what happens in life. It’s called s*** and it happens. Sometimes it’s somebody’s fault, but a lot of times it’s nobody’s fault. Again, it’s referred to as s*** happens.

    #2 It’s unfortunate that the horse died. Reality is we don’t know how he died because the owner didn’t want to get an autopsy. Horses die at my ranch. Yes, it’s called life. We have 60 horses on the ranch, we have dogs and we even have cats. In fact, we had a cat fight in the barn last week, and one of them died. Shocking, yes. It’s called life. Animals die. Yes, even Clinton Anderson’s animals die. It’s called life. I know this is shocking to know that as good as I am and as popular as I am and as famous as I am, my animals don’t live forever either. Holy s*** , I must be human. For any moron that’s getting his panties in a wad because a horse died at Clinton Anderson’s ranch, get a life.

    #3 It’s unfortunate that the owner had to go and start this whole fire because I’m the one that has to go put it out. I’ve apologized to the owner; it’s not my fault the horse died. It’s not the owner’s fault the horse died either. We don’t know how it died. We believe it had something to do with either a brain aneurism or a heart attack because it died extremely quickly and there was no struggling involved. Reality is it was the owner’s choice not to get an autopsy – she didn’t want to get one.

    I apologized to the owner; in fact, I’ve spoken with her on three separate occasions about this subject. We sent the owner flowers and we refunded all of the owner’s money. I did everything I possibly could. In fact, I even offered the owner a Signature Horse free of charge. I went above and beyond to try to help her through the grieving process. A Signature Horse, with all its training, is worth $25,000. She declined the Signature Horse because she said the horse was too small. I had a horse picked out for her that was 14.1 hands high, and she didn’t feel like a horse 14.1 hands high was worth having even though it was free and is worth $25,000. Just for the record, the lady is 5’9″ and I’m 5’11″, Mindy is 14.1. I rode Mindy in front of millions of people for 15 years and never had one email or comment that said I looked too big on Mindy. Just to set the record straight. But she didn’t want the Signature Horse – no problem whatsoever. Since she didn’t want the Signature Horse, I offered her the opportunity to send another horse to the ranch for the six-week program and we’d train it free of charge. Again, I went above and beyond to take care of a grieving customer.

    I bent over backwards to take care of her needs, and now I’m having to fix this kind of bulls*** and I’m tired of it. So reality is if you think your horse is going to live forever, you’re an idiot. Do we do everything in our power to take care of animals on the ranch? Yes, we do. The reality is every once in a while it keeps coming back to that bumper sticker “s*** happens.” So people, get a life, get out of business that doesn’t involve you and start focusing on your horsemanship and your own lives. When people start doing that, they’ll have a lot more success with their horses, a lot more fun and a lot less drama. If it sounds like I’m irritated and I’m cranky about this, I am. All we’ve done is taken an unfortunate situation and turned it into circus and absolute mess. It didn’t have to go this direction. This is my statement and this whole subject is done after this.

    • Dana says:

      All of you naysayers, Clinton is HONEST, he is who he is, he does what he does, he says what he means and means what he says. GEEEEEE, a man who isn’t worried about pussy footing around, being politically correct, and playing the “we all have to feel good and everyone must like me or I’ll just be devestated”…

      Grow up people, he’s not brutal (watch the “old style” news reels), he’s safe, he’s smart, and his method works. Been there, done that. The rest of you that want “gentle”… hmmmmm… remind your 1500 pound horse, that it must be gentle with you when it bites the crap out of you, or bucks you off, or kicks you, or strikes out… “There there Precious, be GENTLE with mommy, Precious, be GENTLE, BE GENTLE I SAID…” As they’re driving you off in the ambulance or coroner’s van… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  12. Laura Hinson says:

    So sorry to see Smart Pak taken in by marketing of a fake cowboy. Such a mistake. I really liked this company too. :(

  13. Dutch says:

    How can SmartPak a company that tries to improve a horse’s health sponsor a guy that uses methods that kills horses and then just says ” Horses die, get over it”. Wow vewry disappointed I will stop using your products and advice my clients to do the same

  14. I am profoundly saddened that SmartPak and this person are teaming up.

    As a current SmartPak customer I had enjoyed ordering from a company which seemed to take the horse’s best interest as a priority, however this new partnership seems to me to be in direct opposition to that.

    The Fresian horse fiasco aside, I find it disconcerting for SmartPak to couple with a man who believes jerk n spur is a valid training methodolgy. It’s what we all did decades ago when we simply didn’t know any better.

    I’ve watched enough of his training on TV to see that snatching on a bit to get a horse “soft” is not exactly the mark of great training but rather something you do when you don’t know how to do it better and so you are willing to forsake technique for domination. And having a cool accent doesn’t change that.

    I do believe it is time to bring my monthly SmartPak order to a close and I will share this opinion (as bloggers often do) with my thousands of Facebook friends, subscribers and blog followers.

    In the past I’ve written blog and magazine articles of the importance of a thinking, ethical horseman/woman to buy products endorsed by those professionals who do not suffer the blemish of cruelty and clearly it’s time to write of this again.

  15. Sasmuel Ellsberry says:

    Welcome to Texas. After meeting and visiting with Brian Mello and Rebekah Mackinnon in Dallas, Texas, I have to say that it was a real pleasure to visit with them about the upcoming promotions that are being done from DOWN UNDER. Believe me or whatever you want to about Clint’s Rants. He has a great place in Stephenville,Texas and used some real innovative round pen construction and metal special fabrication fencing with a special powdercoated metal that really shows off the exclusive designs and other advantages of using a metal roundpen, special colisuem fencing, and the ease with how this can be taken to shows. MADE AND FABRICATED RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. After Rebeckah and Brian elaborated about how Smart Pak has gone the extra mile to Spend time DOWN UNDER with Clint and his Specially trained staff, I was really IMPRESSED! Clint has one of the best training programs in the world and when you see the upcoming “down under” training special with SMART PAK, I just know that you are going to be WOWED and have one of those special A-HA MOMEMTS!

  16. Yeah the same A-ha moments those dead horses feel as CA gives them a heart attack . No thanks. I value my horses more than SmartPak seems too.

  17. Rod Armstrong says:

    Hold your horses. Clinton Anderson has done more to keep untrained horses out of the slaughterhouse than all of the other wanna be horse trainers on YouTube put together. His appeal is to the average horse owner that can barely afford to feed much less hire expensive trainers. Yes he sells videos but that enables him to help veterans and the disabled. He has my support.

  18. SmartPak SmartPak says:

    First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for caring enough about SmartPak to share your opinions with us. Our goal, in everything we do, is to support healthy horses and happy riders, and we work hard every day to get even better at it. One of the best ways we find areas for improvement is by listening closely to the riders who are less than thrilled with us, so we can figure out where we need to be more awesome. So thank you all for sharing your opinions, both positive and negative.
    As lifelong riders and horse owners ourselves, we were saddened by the news of the death at Clinton’s ranch, just as we are saddened by the loss of any horse. And we do find the way Clinton publically responded to the death of this horse to be regrettable. We have no doubt that this was an intensely difficult process for everyone involved, but some of the things that were said could have been handled with more sensitivity.
    However, we also believe that everyone is human and capable of making mistakes. Everyone at SmartPak has made their fair share of mistakes and we’ve been lucky enough to have people in our lives who are willing to look at the mistake in context of all the other things they know and believe about us, balancing all the factors before reaching a conclusion. That’s exactly the same process we went through in evaluating our relationship with Clinton Anderson.
    Clinton and his Method have helped literally thousands of horses and riders, and we’ve heard personal testimonials from many of our own customers who swear that Clinton saved their relationship with their horse. So please understand that we are not simply ignoring the incident, or condoning the manner in which it was handled. Instead, while we acknowledge that this was a tragic situation that was handled poorly, we have chosen to continue supporting Clinton because we believe that there are horses and riders who benefit from his teachings, and supporting healthy horses and happy riders is our ultimate goal.
    We hope that this has been helpful in clarifying our position, and that you can understand that our partnership with Clinton in no way reflects a compromise of our values. We hope that you will continue to be SmartPak supporters, but we respect your opinion and will certainly understand if you choose not to agree with us. One of the things that makes equestrian sport so uniquely wonderful is riders like you, who invest their time, energy and passion into keeping it fun and well-respected, all at the same time.
    Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback – we’re better off for it, and we truly value it. – Your friends at SmartPak

  19. Allan Buck says:

    The horses do not come first by your reply.
    Have you not watched the videos of Clinton Anderson running the legs off horses while whipping them?
    You should be ashamed of your actions and of your reply. It clearly shows that the dollar and how to make more dollars is more important than integrity.
    As a professional horseman, I am ashamed of how our horse industry has turned into nothing more than folks who graduated from the P.T. Barnum School of Mass Marketing selling a pack of goods under the guise of the Magical Mystical Horsemanship. Unfortunately it is no longer about horsemanship it has become MANHORSESHIP and your company is promoting this disgusting stuff.

  20. My horses will not need your services anymore. I for one prefer a company who is for horses welfare. It is sad that those supposed average owners are served by this man. His rates for training are not for the average horseman…in fact he does not train those horses. Check out his website. A student pays to be in his program. That student is the one who trains your horse. They train his signature horses. So Clint collects money from his students, he collects from the horse owner and then he collects when his signature horses sell. So what does Clint do? He drinks and counts his money. You collect your money. Me, I will spend my money at a better place. A place that does not celebrate the. Cult of celebrity horse trainers. Ones who grew up in a city and only handled horses on weekends.

  21. PS…you seemed to miss the part where he said horses die in his program. That implies more than one. One is bad. Multiple is unconscionable. SmartPak by supporting implies that they accept that multiple horses can die in a program of a trainer they sponsor. Yep…you clarified your position. Hope this clarifies mine.

  22. In the interest of fairness I waited to hear SmartPak’s response. I found it disappointing at best.

    Having a feeling this would happen I’ve thought out carefully what action I will be taking.

    So my monthly order of Farrier’s Formula and daily wormer will be terminated.

    On the bright side I now have a new topic to write about.

  23. Mrs. Teaberry says:

    Clinton’s teachings have been valuable in keeping me from quitting the world of horses when I was frustrated and needed help developing a relationship of trust with my horse. I appreciate his dedication and I appreciate Smart Pak. I have no plans to be disloyal to either one. Thank you Smart Pak for standing by your decision in the face of criticism. And I agree with your above response, we all make mistakes, we all put our foot in our mouths. Every single one of us. And none of us is – or ever will be – perfect. We’re human and prone to doing regrettable things. But we take the best and learn from the best that each of us has to give. Thanks again.

  24. Rod Armstrong says:

    Well stated SmartPak. Thank you for standing up.

  25. I have enjoyed shopping at SmartPak over the years and always enjoy the catalog when it arrives in my post box. However, I am asking that you please remove me from your mailing list as I will no longer be purchasing items from your company.

    Aside from the horrible incident that resulted in the death of a horse in the care of Clinton Anderson, I believe his training methods to be harsh and at times abusive. I cannot support a company that sponsors him in any way.

    Have you actually watched the videos that are out there? If you have, I do not see how you could say that everyone makes mistakes and thus continue to support him.

    No one is perfect. No individual, no company, no professional trainer. But when you make your money off selling products and services related to horses, it’s imperative that you have the good of the horse first and foremost at all times. I do not believe this to be the case with Clinton Anderson. And I no longer believe it to be the case with SmartPak.

  26. How unfortunate that you have chosen to associate your company with Clinton Anderson. Consequently, we will no longer use the services of Smart Pak for our equestrian needs.

    In addition, we will pass the word to the wide world of equestrians. Smart Pak supporting Clinton Anderson? What a poor business decision.

  27. Dutch says:

    This is how he starts youngsters. Barbaric and unacceptable

    Now I understand how horses in his care develop girth galls

  28. Bellson Yurtoes says:

    People should be aware of Clinton Anderson’s thoughtless, cruel, and unnecessary “Training Techniques” such as this most recent “Tip” from his Newsletter:

    “When I saddle a two-year-old for the first time, I saddle him at 6 a.m. and keep him saddled all day. By letting the horse wear the saddle all day, I give him a chance to get over being scared, and usually by the end of the day, he’s relaxed and has gotten past his initial reactivity.

    If on the other hand, he’s still bucking at the end of the day, I’ll keep him saddled all night. It’s very, very important to not take the saddle off until the horse has quit trying to buck or rub it off on the fence, roll on it, etc. For a horse to really accept a saddle, he has to think it’s part of his body, no different than his mane and tail.”

  29. Lee Earnshaw says:

    Stop trying to convince SmartPak that they forgot about the horses…the ‘smart’ is now a misnomer. Instead, start shopping elsewhere–they don’t need the business of horse lovers anymore, the Americans who made their company grow. They can get a crude abusive foreigner to visit their office instead and pose for pictures with them! That is what it is all about, right? It isn’t about the horses anymore.

  30. Ellen Mislan says:

    I am sorry that smartpak has decided to continue its partnership with Clinton Anderson. I won’t be buying anymore of your supplements. Anderson is a pompous jerk whose “horse training” methods are old fashioned and cruel. Smartpak will not get another dime of my money.

  31. J.M. Elliott says:

    Really poor decision on the part of SmartPak. I’ve have been a loyal customer since the beginning, but have sadly just called and cancelled all the SmartPaks for my entire barn. I won’t be ordering anything else from this company as long as they associate themselves with cruel, barbaric and unprofessional “horsemen” like this. Very disappointed.

    As a trainer and someone who both rescues and rehabilitates the same so-called “untrainable” horses Mr. Anderson claims to “help” (only using gentle and humane methods) I find this kind of justification ignorant and disgusting. Look around, do some independent research; there are many other methods and other trainers out there to choose from who do not glorify themselves and the abuse they peddle, and do not make flippant excuses and pass blame when they fail. They may not be as flashy, they may not have the best line of BS, but they just might have some integrity and better, more humane methods when working with any horse, whether it’s an average horse or an extremely difficult one. I’ve seen ALL kinds, and no horse I’ve seen has EVER required those methods.

    SmartPak has made some questionable associations in the past which I have overlooked, but this one was the final straw. Absolutely shameful.

  32. Wanda Lyon says:

    I am an Auzzi. ,..e and ashamed that this man calls himself an Aussie. It clearly states on his site “horses may die in program” and people still send horses to this over ego size man. instead of quick fix methods, pls hve a look at a program based on peer attachment, named Friendship Training. I am a student and wld not use any other method of trsining, all NH is Abuse and bullying.

  33. Gameappy says:

    Dear me ….has your own horse ever needed treatment in your care?? do you not have vet bills from accidents or injuries? My goodness if you don’t , do you bubble wrap your animals?? Go Clinton always someone waiting to knock you down. Perhaps breeders need to look at the bloodlines of the animals they are breeding, line breeding is perhaps creating the problems with the horses health?? hmmm organs, skeleton, genetic problems. So many factors no one has mentioned, perhaps not showing up until too late. Grrr at peoples head in sand attitude, quick to blame, without proof, you were not there!

  34. RC says:

    I’ve seen good come out of some of CA’s methods, but overall I think it’s just another voo-doo-quackery gimmick. In the right hands (knowledgeable, seasoned, paid the price for mistakes and cruelty intentional or unintentional, reaped the indescribable rewards of a relationship well fostered through training effective for horse and rider both), there may well be some concepts that are handy. Overall though, I find him to be pompous, arrogant, and dangerous not only to his horses, but to the novice, DYI horseman without practical guidance, who watches CA’s videos with rapt attention and pure submission to his rationale.

    Gimmicky-trainers with their trademark halters, sticks, tricks, and moves are still gimmicky trainers. What may have started out as decent horsemanship (maybe)descends rapidly in direct proportion to the amount of money coming in. Gotta get’em in, train’em up quick (whatever it takes), and get’em out to make room for the next wave.

    It’s not unique to CA. I can think of at least 3 gimmick trainers with their special equipment and fine-tuned schtick, reaching out to the beginner, the desperate, the semi-educated, and cultivating cults of believers.

    What good these trainers have in common with one another is that some of what they offer is very sound, effective, and not harmful to the horse. What bad these trainers have in common is people seeing what appears to be an utterly cooperative horse of exceptional skill and sensibility and then throw money at the “program,” or “method,” or whatever. The customers are hooked, the money pours in, then the trainers are hooked…on the cash.

    This does not apply only to extremely publicized gimmick trainers; I’ve seen plenty of it on the A Circuit and other environments as well.

    Cutting to the chase though:


  35. Diane says:

    Wow, came across this page by accident. Was watching TV, Clinton Anderson (yes I have watched many of his shows, not the first time)and was struck once again by how full of himself he always is. His whole demeanor suggests he thinks he walks on water.I watch RFD tv horse shows, hoping to pick up tips on horses,training,etc. I have owned horses for over 20 years, so also not a newcomer. I have seen his shows before–and personality aside–I have seen the “slo-mo”s of his “method”–where you can clearly see the ANGER in his face, when a horse does not “behave” as he wants it to–and he almost seems to enjoy hitting them(not almost-he does!) I have trained difficult horses–and a lot of the time they are either confused or frightened–or both. I shudder to think what he would have done to the Arab gelding I own, who was a real handful when I got him. He was VERY difficult to teach–but he is now ridden bareback, bridles-works on voice commands alone–and is NOT afraid of me–not has he been abused by me. (and trust me–I understand the frustration & anger one can feel when working with a horse like this)When I found myself “losing it” with this particular horse–I made myself walk away from him–because I did feel like striking him at times. But–I didn’t. And there’s the big difference.
    I could say much more, but mostly I was not aware that SmartPak endorsed this fool. I currently do not have a running order with SmartPak–but was about to start one. Now I won’t. And I will be cancelling my e-mails/newsletters with them too. Very sad–I always had a lot of respect for this company. But no more…Clinton Anderson should not be allowed near any living thing–I hope he does not have a wife & children.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    If CA said horse(s) die its because he receives thousands!!! and thousands!!! a year so law of probability that things will happen, well I am no genius but I would say darn high. Somebody would have to be a first day horse owner to not know that, I mean who has ever heard of a horse killing itself doing something dumb and out of left field. Anybody owned a horse more than a day and doesn’t know that?
    The only thing that saddned me about smartpak’s response is the statement that CA handeled it poorly. I don’t see how a trainer that refunds the money, offers autopsy (if I was guilty I wouldn’t mention autopsy, but he did), offers a signature horse from his stock that he sells for $25,000 and people are on a waiting list for or train one of your choosing personally by him (which the owner clearly liked his training methods) would be called handled it poorly. Tell me about ANY company that does that? your lucky if they refund anything when THEY screw up. NOBODY knows what happened because owner didn’t feel like paying couple hundred for the autopsy and drive couple of hours to his ranch. BUT owner did have the fortitude to blog about it on facebook. Yeah, that’s a person I believe is grieving.
    And if you don’t want to use smartpak because you don’t like that CA puts horses to work, well good your horse is probably too fat to get more out of smartpak.

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