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Finding Nemo

They say that sometimes the best things in life are unplanned. In the case of my horse Nemo, I’d have to agree.
I have been riding for years, and have owned my first horse, and best friend, Lego for 14 years. As a kid, I learned how to ride on a Morgan, and my sister had a Morgan that had lived with Lego for years. As a result, I have a soft spot for the breed. They’re just so fun, loveable, and it’s practically impossible to not smile when riding one.


My story with Nemo began with an unplanned Google search. I just happened to have a few free minutes one day, so I casually searched for Morgans for sale. I found Nemo two minutes later, and something about him caught my heart, and I couldn’t get him out of my head. I immediately called his owner. He was located in Northern New Hampshire, so I made plans to make the four-hour drive that Saturday to meet him.


The whole way up, I kept trying to think of reasons why I didn’t need a second horse, and that really, I just wanted to practice looking at horses for when Lego retires from riding. This all changed when I met Nemo (who officially goes by JMF Black Phantom). I remember him coming out of the field and thinking, “Wow…he’s huge!” At just shy of 16HH and 1100lbs, Nemo definitely has a presence. I brushed him, quickly made friends finding his “itchy spot” behind his right ear, tacked up, and headed out to the arena. After riding him for about 30 minutes, I went on a trail ride with his owner. At this point, I was still trying to convince myself that I didn’t need a second horse and that I shouldn’t get attached. As soon as it was time to get off, untack, and drive back home, I realized how much I enjoyed Nemo…and how much I wanted him to be mine. Needless to say- he was a week later.


My friend Gina (who also works on the Accounting team at SmartPak), and I drove up with her truck and trailer to pick him up. I was so excited, and felt like a little kid going to pick up my new horse. The round trip took us about 9 hours, and was filled with horse stories, laughs, and excitement. I was so happy Nemo was mine.
Since getting him, Nemo has been a really fun training project. He had had some time off, so the first few months were spent getting him up to speed. We currently do dressage, a little jumping, and spend hours out on the cranberry bogs. He’s still very young and green, but tries so hard to please. My favorite moments with him so far, would have to be riding him in the SmartPak Horse Show last spring, and a trail ride we went on last fall, that involved some surprises including several open fields, sheep, some friendly pigs, and crossing a river that was belly deep. He is such a fun, rewarding horse to ride, and truly loves having a job. I can’t wait to see what the years to come bring.


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