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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – June 10, 2013


During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

My best friend and I went on a road trip to Iowa City, IA to watch the first (hopefully annual!) Eastern Iowa Carriage Classic. This pleasure driving show recognized by the ADS (American Driving Society) had something for everyone: lots of timed cones courses, dressage, Carriage Dog, Reinsmanship, Turnout, the ever-popular Gambler’s Choice, and a short but exciting Pleasure Pace. I hadn’t planned on participating–just watching and taking pictures–but a driver asked if I would be her passenger on the Pace so off I went! Good practice walking a course, calculating the optimum time, and schooling in-hand the scary water obstacle and covered bridge! – Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak Staff Veterinarian

Last weekend I went camping in the White Mountains in NH. Even though it was a bit hot, I was able to find some cool spots, including a great overlook with a breeze and a hiking trail that followed along (and sometimes through) a stream. – Katie G., Customer Care

Spent a week in VT at GMHA – just amazing. Started with the horse trials last weekend where Tally was a superstar – dressage photo credits to Abby Clutz and jumping shot thanks to Joan at FlatlandsFoto. Stayed up there for the Area 1 USEA/USDF Adult Camp – learned SO much, came home Saturday tired but elated with our progress. Thanks to all the clinicians – what a stellar group. Went for a hike up Mt. Monadnock on Sunday with Maria from Merchandising and Melissa and Jill from Equifit – beautiful day for a climb, although windy up top! – Jen B., SmartPak Retail Store

Although I have Rex leased out, I am lucky to have to opporunity to ride him once in a while. The girl who leases him was nice enough to let me ride him around at a local show this weekend (thanks Hannah!), and we even competed in our first flat class! The weather was rainy in the morning, but the sun came out at around noon and the rest of the day was gorgeous. It was a long day, but I had a blast! – Kaitlyn Z., Marketing

I was in Clearwater Fl this past weekend and ran into the Hulkster, And my wife Lela graduated nursing school and got her RN, here is her celebratory morning jogging outfit (check out those guns) – Matt S., IT

This Sunday I volunteered at a dressage show that was held at my barn. After scribing for half the day, I brought my new, young horse out to see the goings on! It was a beautiful day and the perfect change to introduce him to the hustle and bustle of a horse show right in his own back yard. He was interested in checking out the trailers and all the visiting horses, but mostly he was interested in grazing. 🙂
-Jessica (Jno), Marketing

This weekend we celebrated my dog Chloe’s 5th birthday; I’ve had her since she was a puppy so it’s hard to believe she is 5 already! She enjoyed some time in the dog park with friends (Chloe is on the left), got a new bed, and some doggie ice cream for dessert. I also went to visit my retired horse Riker this weekend and gave him a much-needed bath. His newfound cleanliness lasted approximately 3.5 minutes before he rolled- but at least his tail was still white! Last but not least I finished the weekend with a lesson on my mare Luna. We’re practicing for our next dressage show in 3 weeks and focused on some of the basics like suppleness and activity. It was a great weekend spent with all of my beloved animals! – Kerri V., Marketing

Last weekend (and all of last week) I was on vacation with my family in Spain and Portugal. My parents love to travel and I’m lucky that they still like to bring me along on their trips! The nine day trip went by really quickly in a whirlwind of sightseeing and we had a blast. We saw a lot of amazing places, but my favorite had to be the Alhambra, an incredible royal palace in Granada. – Lexi K., Marketing

I had a fun dog filled weekend! This Saturday I worked from home and SmartPaker Sarah G’s dog Taylor kept bringing me all of his toys to play with, it was very cute! I am also dog sitting for SmartPaker Jackie M’s dog Rue this week. On Sunday Sarah and I took Taylor and Rue to Natick to the retail store to do a little clearance shopping, we even go to SmartPak on our days off 🙂 Taylor and Rue had a great time at the store and felt right at home! – Marisa C., Customer Care

This weekend was filled with fun in the sun and plenty of theater! The sunny parts included a four-mile run with my boyfriend’s and my dog, Sprocket, and a trip to fellow SmartPaker Sara’s pool (she also has a very wonderful dog named True). The theater parts included a trip to see the new Star Trek in 3D (it was awesome) and a fabulous outing to see The Adams Family musical! My aunt Betsy works on The Adams Family tour and she was kind enough to get tickets for me, my boyfriend, his mom, his younger sister, and the awesome foster child that’s staying at his mom’s house right now. The show was fantastic and the girls all loved having the opportunity to get dressed up. What a great way to end the weekend! – Sarah P., Marketing

A lot of exciting things happened last weekend. I officially marked the beginning of summer with the first beach trip of the season! I just love being such a short drive from the Cape, and it was great to break in my new bathing suit and start working on my tan. But even MORE exciting than that—I officially booked my trip to LONDON for the end of the summer!! I lived in London three summers ago for a study abroad, and I’ve been homesick for it ever since —now FINALLY I get to go back! I’m going with my friend Meg, and it’s her first trip to London, so I’m excited to be her tour guide and revisit all my old favorite spots, go for a few runs in Kensington Gardens, and eat some Cadbury! The weekend before was also a blast. I went home to visit my family, and my boyfriend came along for the adventure. The best part was the riding lesson I had on my new horsey love, Rory, who you might remember from my gushing about him a few weeks ago. He was even more amazing and sweet since the last time I rode him! And it’s a good thing he’s like a giant, comfy couch, because I did a fair amount of work without my stirrups. My boyfriend, although he’s a little afraid of horses, agreed to tag along and do a photo shoot of our lesson (he’s a photographer, which is super handy…), and Rory was a star! We got a few adorable shots, and every time I look at them, I just want to hug Rory’s giant, adorable face. But can you blame me?? Oh, and I broke in my new pair of Piper Breeches by SmartPak for the photo shoot—they’re my NEW FAVORITE BREECHES, hands down!! They’re so so comfortable, flattering, fun, and affordable—my trainer wanted a pair! The Pipers are not only too fun to have just one, they’re too AWESOME to have just one! If there were 20 colors, I’d buy them all. – Lindsay B., Creative

I thought this past weekend would be one that would be quiet and relaxing, but boy was I wrong! On Friday night I came home to a greeting from my husband that I was not expecting at all. He had picked out a new PUPPY to complete our little family. She came complete with a big bow and a nametag that read “Happy Anniversary”. I am beyond excited for this new addition and she is the cutest (Ok, I might be somewhat partial 🙂 ) little bundle of energy. My husband and I lost our black lab earlier this year to cancer and had been feeling a little lost without a dog in the house so this surprise couldn’t have come at a better time! Even though she has had us up every 2 hours the past few nights (hence the reason for me being wrong about the quiet, relaxing weekend I had planned), it has been worth every single second!

Meet Gretta!
– Ashley W., Customer Care

I spent last weekend in Maryland with my Fiancés’ family to watch the Great Chesapeake Bay swim. Their family has been participating in it for over 25 years, and between two generations, have made the 4.4 mile swim along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge over 80 times! This year they had six family members participate in the 4.4 mile swim and two in the 1 mile challenge. We had beautiful weather, great food, and great company! – Claire G., IT

I had a busy weekend filled with some of my favorite things! My border collie Merlin came to cheer me on at my triathlon near Cape Cod on Saturday (although I think he’d prefer to compete than be on the sidelines!) It was a fabulously fun time and I had a great race! Sunday I visited my family in Connecticut and had a great ride on my friend’s horse, Stroker. I rode him in the new Rockin’ SP Single Ear Headstall and Rockin’ SP Split Reins and I absolutely LOVED them! The headstall fit perfectly and I loved the weight and feel of the reins. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! – Veronica H., Merchandising

My animal-loving Barn Manager, Michele, is learning how to care for well yes, a baby raccoon. This is Choo-Choo. She is sadly the only one in the litter that safely made it across the road in front of Michele’s house. Choo-Choo can’t really see in the day, but she is adorable regardless. Michele is planning to help her grow up a bit then release her in early Fall. Until then, her cuteness will be a staple at my barn. – Susan T., Barn Marketing

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