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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – June 24, 2013

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…


I spent the last two weekends at lovely Saratoga Springs, NY at the Skidmore Classic Horse Show. This a really neat horse show because it is held at the Saratoga Race Course. The horses walk past the race course to the show ring every day and get to see the prancing thoroughbreds as they head off to their morning workouts. The grounds are beautiful and the town of Saratoga Springs is a lot of fun. So many awesome restaurants and little shops to browse through. It is one of my favorite shows to attend and look forward to it every year. We finished our second weekend on a high note – Witness was reserve champion in the Adult Hunters. He also won the M&S Adult Hunter Classic. I was so proud of him! Cooper was also a super star getting a score of 84 in the Ariat. Good boys! They are home now eating grass and taking a well-deserved rest! – Renee P., Merchandising


I enjoyed the first weekend of the summer with lots of outdoor and horse time. On Saturday I spent the heat of the afternoon by the pool, trying to stay cool. Once the worst of the heat had passed, I headed to the barn for an evening ride. My mare Luna and I are practicing for our upcoming dressage show next weekend. Here she is after our ride, modeling her favorite purple gear. On Sunday I went to watch, cheer, and help out some of my barn mates at a local schooling dressage show. It was another hot afternoon (90+) but the horses were great. All in all it was a lovely warm weekend! – Kerri V., Marketing


Summer is officially here, and my weekends have seen more action than a summer blockbuster! On the horse front, I jump judged for a USEA Event at Valinor Farm and gave my horse a much-needed bath. As for non-horse activities, I ran Ruckus Boston with fellow SmartPakers Sarah and Bjorn (among many others), saw Man of Steel and World War Z, and spent many, many hours chilling out in the pool. – Sara F., Creative


I was at a fantastic shelter event this weekend, and I saw more well-dressed canines than people! These dogs had style! A “Kiss a Pittie” kissing booth featured “Willow” decked out in Pink & a Tutu, a Dane in a Dress & Hot Pink Nails, and two little sassy sisters were among the “Best Dressed.” They could give me some serious pointers! – Erin B., Operations


I spent the weekend in Provincetown, MA with my boyfriend. We saw lots of shooting stars at the beach on Saturday night, and I even had some time to spend with my pony at the end! – Emily D., Accounting


This weekend started off bright and early Saturday morning with a workout at Harvard Stadium. Fellow SmartPaker Liz C., myself, and my boyfriend Matt hit the stairs for a pretty intense aerobic workout there, followed by nice cold smoothies on the ride home. The rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent doing yard work, house work and tending to the 34 reptiles in my house right now. We seem to find them everywhere – here’s one that was caught hiding in a pocket! 😉 – Michelle M., Customer Care


Last week I took some time off work to go camping in Shenandoah National Park with a friend of mine. My friend lives in Washington DC and doesn’t have a car, so I went on my first long distance solo road trip to pick her up and head to the park. The road trip went better than I thought and the camping trip was great!

Shenandoah was beautiful – we spent some time on the Skyline Drive going to all the scenic overlooks, and hiked to some different waterfalls and mountain tops. One of my favorite hikes was to Doyle’s Falls. One park ranger told us that it’s one of the tougher hikes in the park, with an 1,800 ft elevation gain over the 1.5-ish mile long trail. My friend and I made it down and back, but it was definitely a challenge! – Katie G., Customer Care


I went down to Kentucky for my birthday and my cousin’s wedding! I always love going down there and seeing all the cute little babies! The wedding was gorgeous and I had a great time! – Sarah G


What a great weekend! I started off Saturday with a (very hot) lesson in the south Florida sunshine, and spent some quality time grazing and cooling out Rohan, my friend and instructor’s horse. We were both a bit tired end of the lesson, but Rohan definitely found a spring in his step when we jumped over a few big cross rails. He’s a young horse that usually works dressage, but he enjoys jumping too, so it’s always fun when we get to go over a few jumps. We nearly melted, but can’t wait for our lesson again next week! Fortunately, I have some well tested, favorite summer gear: my Tipperary Sportage Helmet, Ariat Air Grip Gloves, and my Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter breeches!

On Sunday, we took Rose, our 6 year old Golden Retriever, to the local dog park. She’s definitely more of a “people person” and was greeting all the humans as they came in the park, but she did play with the other dogs too! Rose definitely has the mentality: play hard, sleep hard, and I think it’ll be a few days of good rest before she fully recovers! If you can tell by the last photo, she prefers “lights out” for her naps. – Jennifer B., Customer Care


This weekend I took my 18 month old nephew, Jakob to the barn to meet and ride his first horse. After weeks of running around the house with his cowboy hat yelling “yee-haw” I knew it was time. The barn I board at, Highland Brooks Stables, let us borrow their awesome lesson pony, Maggie to teach Jake the ropes around horses. She patiently stood as he learned to brush and tried to lead her, with my help of course. And then it was time for the big ride; I put Jake on Maggie’s back and he lit up with the biggest smile. Every time I asked if he was all done and wanted to get off, he would respond “no, no, no!” and off we would go for another lap around the ring. Probably the cutest thing of all was when he leaned forward in the saddle and gave the pony a few pats and said “Good Girl Maggie!” I can’t tell who had more fun, Jake or me!! Needless to say, we will be visiting Maggie again soon! – Autumn I., Merchandising

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