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Happy Birthday Lego

This past Saturday was Lego’s birthday. Each year, for the last almost 14 years, I have tried to do something special for him on his birthday, whether it was baking him a carrot cake when I was 14, or camping out in the barn in a tent in my parent’s barn to spend extra time with him, horse showing, or going trail riding.
This year, for his 26th birthday, we enjoyed a nice long ride on the cranberry bogs. The weather was supposed to be raining off-and-on, but we lucked out just long enough to get a good hour-long ride in. Lego has never been one to show his age, we actually still competed in the hunters until he was 20, and this day was no different. He pranced the whole time, and took off without hesitation in a happy gallop across the bogs when asked, with a spunky little grin on his face.
Once we got back to the barn, I spent some time thoroughly grooming him to get rid of the rest of his winter coat and clipping his face, ears, and fetlocks. Of course, he also got several cookies.


To end the day, I turned him out on the grass pasture, where he spent time cantering around, rolling, and enjoying the tall grass. I really enjoy celebrating my buddy Lego’s birthday with him each year, and can’t wait to spend several more with him!


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