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Peek in Our Paks – Katie T.


Staff Member: Katie T
Department: Finance
Horse: Juliet
Discipline: Hunter/ Jumper, Eventer in training

I began riding when I was in 5th grade and have been hooked since. Growing up as a kid I was always at the barn doing stalls, cleaning tack, and taking care of any horse that needed a little extra TLC. I was an avid Pony Clubber competing in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation as well as dressage and eventing.

Juliet came into my life a year and a half ago. She was a school pony but was not quite working out (she likes to scoot at anything out of the ordinary). She has a lot of personality in a little package. Juliet is one of the sweetest mares who LOVES attention and thinks she’s pretty cute. Over the last year we’ve been competing in small dressage and 2-phase events with the hope of doing some eventing soon.

Juliet’s SmartPak

SmartCombo Pellets
Juliet is a very picky pony and I wanted a comprehensive supplement that came in a little package. SmartCombo helps support Juliet’s joints, hooves, digestive health, and skin and coat. I decided to give SmartCombo vs. SmartCombo Ultra because she is currently in moderate work and doesn’t need intensive support yet. When her workload increases, I plan to bump her up to SmartCombo Ultra.

SmartCombo™ Pellets

As Low As: $67.95
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SmartCalm Ultra Pellets
Juliet tends to pay attention to everything around her and if something is a little out of the ordinary she likes to scoot away. SmartCalm Ultra helps take some of the excess edge off so she can pay more attention to what I’m asking of her instead of the butterfly in the ring.

SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets

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Why Katie uses SmartPaks

The main reason I use SmartPaks is because I can’t be at the barn every day. With SmartPaks, it’s very easy to know my pony is always getting her supplements. Since I do barn chores on Sundays, I also know firsthand how much easier feeding supplements in SmartPaks is. Another reason I use SmartPaks is because Juliet is a very picky eater and sometimes decides she doesn’t like a supplement. With SmartPaks, it’s easy to switch her supplements around based on the season, her workload, or her preference. Lastly, I love that her SmartPaks are prepared and shipped to the barn automatically each month — it’s one less thing for me to remember.

Katie’s Other Four-Legged Friend:

I rescued Buck two and a half years ago. He was in pretty rough shape and was underweight with a dull coat and heartworms. With help from my vet and a great nutrition program, Buck is now one happy pup. He goes everywhere with me, including work! To make feeding on the go easy, Buck gets LiveSmart Lamb Meal and Brown Rice in PortionPaks and LiveSmart Hearty Chicken Stew. To help support Buck’s overall health and wellness, I also feed him SmartCanine Health. This supplement provides support for his digestive and immune system as well as his joints.


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