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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Newman’s Colic Surgery


You all know Dr. Lydia Gray as the brilliant brain behind our weekly Ask the Vet series, but did you know she’s a rider and horse owner herself? In this blog, she gives you a behind the scenes look at

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Quiz: At Risk for Ulcers?


An astounding 60% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers. Do you know the risk factors and warning signs to look for? Take our quiz to find out if your horse is at risk. Factor: Living Situation Stalled only, no

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The Anatomy of a Supplement Expert

anatomy of a supplement expert

It takes a lot more than animal science degrees, years of riding experience and hours of training to make a SmartPak Supplement Expert. That’s why you’ll get a lot more out of each and every call or email. The SmartPak

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10 Tips for Surviving “Behind the Scenes” at a Horse Show


When a great SmartPak customer (who is now a good friend), Dr. Jeff Papows, mentioned he was taking over the management responsibilities of one of my favorite horse shows, which just so happens to be sponsored by SmartPak, I said

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Meet Andre and Bailey


Success Profile: Bailey Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 17 Discipline: Leisure/Trail Riding Owner: Andre Lugo At age seventeen Bailey still loves trail riding, and I want to do everything I can to help her stay healthy as she ages. Proper digestion

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Button Braids: How To’s and Top Tips


Please tell me everything you know about braiding manes! – Sarah P. from Nyack, NY For some, braiding is a daunting task. Having a mane that is not the ideal length or is too thick or thin can be very

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Root for the Home Team


Going to a horse show is kind of nerve-racking, right? You have to find out what ring your class goes in, get used to the different jumps and turns, find out where the food stand is, etc. You envy the

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Carbs & Horses: Separating fact from fiction


The gal at one of the feed stores is making this BIG deal out of controlled starches. I always thought that only horses with certain issues [i.e. insulin problems, EPSM, and laminitis] required carb consistency. Any issues with malnourished horses?

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Meet Trish, Savannah and Seefari “Sleepy”


When Sleepy came to us, he needed weight, lacked muscle and was in poor condition overall. After determining his specific needs, we decided to start him on SmartFlex Senior to support his joints. In a few short weeks, there was a noticeable difference and in a few months, he was almost unrecognizable from the horse we brought home! When my daughter Savannah started riding Sleepy in recognized events, we switched him to SmartFlex Senior Herb-Free Pellets to keep him going strong. Sleepy and Savannah have become an amazing team, moving up to Training Level and winning their second-ever Training event at Poplar Place Horse Trials! I can truly say that SmartSupplements have helped get these two where they are today. Thanks SmartPak!

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Meet Kari and Sunday


Last winter, Sunday hurt herself in the pasture. We were unsure about whether she would have a competitive career in her future, which was devastating news. I scoured the Internet to find anything that could help support the healing process and came across SmartFlex Rehab Pellets. After reading the ingredients and the success stories from other horse owners, I decided to give it a try. Since Sunday started on the supplement, she has seemed more comfortable. My vet is very happy with her progress and is optimistic about her returning to a normal workload in time.

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2013 NSBA World Champions – Powered by SmartSupplements


Congratulations to Team SmartPak’s Highpoint Performance Horses and Circle S Ranch on a hugely successful National Snaffle Bit Futurity World Championship Show. With over 15 World Championships to add to their trophy cases and dozens of other great ribbons, we

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Top Tips for Choosing a New Barn


It may not be all about location, location, location Choosing a barn to board your horse can be an exciting but daunting task. Do you envision your horse enjoying huge, lush green grass turnouts encircled by freshly painted white fencing,

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Summer Sweat and Electrolytes


In the hot summer months when my horses are sweating alot which electrolyte supplement would you recommend feeding them? There are so many on the market and so many articles about which ones to feed and which ones to avoid.

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Keeping Up With The SmartPakers: August 19th 2013


During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what

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Bradley for Every Body


We know smart riders come in all shapes and sizes—even at SmartPak! That’s why we designed Bradley with real riders in mind. See why these three SmartPakers love their Bradleys! “I’m Kaitlyn and I work on the marketing team at

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