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Becoming an Equine Sports Massage Therapist

As I entered my senior year at Cazenovia College, I was presented with many opportunities to research and discover my true passion – alternative therapies for horses. I started researching many different types of alternatives therapies that humans use in practical medicine today. Through my research I found and learned about ways in which veterinarians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, etc. apply these therapies to equine medicine. I became fascinated with how easily certain therapies can be applied to horses. Throughout this research I discovered one true passion, one therapy that stood out above all the rest for me, Equine Sports Massage Therapy.


Here I was, now two years out of college determined to find my “true calling.” I did some research online and found the program of my dreams! Equissage is a program based out of Virginia where they offer a certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy. I was thrilled, but had no idea how I could make this work. Luckily, Equissage has a corresponding program based out of Sterling, CT called Equissage-NE-NY. The program instructors and owners, Ron and Doris Bouchard, were trained under the leadership of Mary Schreiber, the founder of Equissage.


Doris was my main instructor and boy, let me tell you, she was great! I was the only student for my weekender session and was so happy to have a one-on-one learning session with such a kind and passionate horsewoman. She taught me how to connect with my patient like I never thought I could. She taught with precision, compassion, and openness. I not only was able to have in-classroom instruction, but also experienced a lot of hands-on therapy. I learned different massage techniques, how to evaluate a horse, the massage sequence, the anatomy and physiology of the horse’s musculoskeletal system, and the benefits of massage. It was everything I had hoped for and more!


A met a few friends along the way and really enjoyed having them by my side as I studied and practiced on the horses in the barn. Doris and Ron have two horses named Indiana and Encanto, a dog named Ziggy, and a cat named Maxwell. They have a great little family!


Learning under the instruction of Doris and Ron was such a blessing. I was lucky to have found a program like Equissage. Now that I have graduated and am a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist I hope to continue to work on many horses and help owners and trainers discover the advantages that come out of massage. I am local, living in Kingston, MA so feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in massage for your horse! And you should definitely check out Equissage-NE-NY if you are interested in becoming an Equine Sports Massage Therapist in the Northeast.

Equissage Certificate

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18 comments on “Becoming an Equine Sports Massage Therapist
  1. Dina Landry says:

    I would love info on this!

  2. Jessica Hunter-Valdes says:

    I want info on how to become a horse chiropractor, I’m in SE Ga. Thank you 🙂

  3. Audrey McClaugherty says:

    Would love more info on the message therapy for equine! Thanks

  4. Jacqueline Harrington says:

    Would love more info on this course. Also how long is the program & what is the cost? Thank you!

  5. I am a graduate of Equissage in VA… and I totally agree on what a fabulous program it is! I’m getting my business up and running in Western New York… check out my website @ Good luck in your endeavors!

  6. Cathy Armstrong says:

    Very interested in the program…. please send info.

  7. Stacey Bailey says:

    I went to Equissage in 1996 and Mary was my instructor. I live in Clarence, NY and work all over Western New York. It is a great program. I work on dogs and horses.

  8. Deborah Engman says:

    I would love more information. I do live in Utah so I’m not sure if this is the only school for equine massage. Being that you are so far away, could you please let me know if there are other schools slso.

  9. Jo says:

    I just recently graduated from Equissage as well. They offer a home study course which worked out very well for me. The home study was $895 and I believe the on-site was $1200.

  10. Equine massage is the best and usually the therapist can pin point things that are beyond the medical field. Leslie Sisto, from upstate NY and Fla. not only does massage, but is lic as a vet tech, lic human massage therapist, lic equine therapist and uses cold laser to augment. I have learned so much and seen so much improvement from massage unless its a fresh injury and requires ‘a vet’ I call her first. My vet agrees that she knows and feels a lot that traditional medicine can’t. My 5 yr old severed a tendon (front of lower hind leg) last August, Vet and massage therapist worked together and by March we were in training. She is sound and I will gladly send the pics to anyone who wishes. AND my Vet is the best. Try it for your 4 legged friend and for your self.

  11. Thanks for sharing nice information here great work here

  12. This is so exciting!! I want to know more about this since I also have friends who have horses. I can be their equine therapist if ever I can undergo the same training that you have. I bet, it was a fun and exciting experience you had.

  13. I am really inspired from your blog, hoping you will be there with more interesting post like this. Thanks for the sharing this tips with us,

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    • Tara says:

      I’m a massage therapist and am interested in Equine massage. Do you know of a place in northwest Indiana that offers this sort of class and certification? Thank you for your time, Tara.

  15. taylor hatter says:

    is there any special requirments to becoming a emt, and do we have to go to college. should you also be a vet or would it not matter. what type of liscines would you need to be self employed

  16. Carla Anania says:

    Hello, are you still practicing out of Massachusetts? I am interested in equine massage therapy and would like to spend a day or 2 with you if possible to see how it all works. I live in CT and go to school in NH

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