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Keeping Up With The SmartPakers: August 19th 2013

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

Last weekend my mom and 2 cousins visited from Pennsylvania. We spent a very rainy Friday at the New England Aquarium watching penguins and playing with sting rays. We then spent the better part of Saturday walking around Boston and finished the day off in Providence RI at the Waterfires. Of course no visit is complete without a horsey visit so we went to the barn on Sunday and Juliet helped Courtney learn the basics of riding. – Katie T., Finanace

On Saturday, I joined a crew of SmartPakers and dozens of their friends and family members for a polo outing in Newport, RI. It was an amazing event on a gorgeous August evening. My fiancee and I had a blast both pony watching and people watching—the crowd was overrun with preppy plaids and pastels.

In a totally unrelated update, we’ve had some tiny frogs visit our yard, including this little guy who was about the size of a nickel. – Sara F., Creative

We had a fabulous family vacation down on the Jersey Shore. A week of sand, surf, rides, games, bikes, and family was just what we needed. The refrains of “Under the Boardwalk” are seemingly endless from my children! – Kristen I., Operations

This past weekend I attended a Newport vs. Jamaica polo match in RI with many other SmartPakers and had a great time! I also made time to play with my dog, Bentley, and my dad and uncle who took a scenic motorcycle trip up to visit us. – Paige Z., Customer Care

We had a Horse Show Weekend 🙂
My daughter had the opportunity to show her old pony Lilly Pulitzer at South Shore Horseman’s Council, as well as Brigg’s Stable. It was a fabulous reunion for the two. 🙂
Midge(kid) and Po(Pony) are dressed nearly head to hoof in SmartWear….and these things were all purchased prior to my employment here! Been a fan for years…… – Heather W., Merchandising

My boyfriend, my dog Morgan, and I attended the SmartPak outing at the Newport Polo match in Portsmouth, RI on Saturday, along with lots of other SmartPakers. USA lost to Jamaica, but we enjoyed watching the polo ponies while eating some delicious tailgating food. Morgan got lots of compliments on her SmartPak bandana! – Emily D., Accounting

This wasn’t from this past weekend, but I got to hang out with the horse I am working with now, Gus, and my new car. 🙂 Horses and BMW’s, two of my favorite things! – Lyn H., Customer Care

This weekend was one that has been on my mind for a few weeks now. My Papa’s 80th birthday was August 11th, and a few months ago my Mom, Dad, Gran and I decided to plan a surprise party for him. Last weekend, on his actual birthday, we had a small party with our immediate family to celebrate Papa’s birthday and throw him off the scent. Yesterday, on the 18th we threw the surprise party. We rented a room at a local restaurant, and invited friends and family to be there. When I was younger my Gran and Papa took me to different Scottish dinners that featured bagpipers, drummers and Highland dancers. The dancers were amazing, and as a kid, I wanted to learn how to do the Highland dances, but never really had a chance. When we started to plan Papa’s surprise party, I thought “This is my chance!”, so I contacted a local dance instructor, who soon became a very good friend, and have been taking lessons since the start of July to prepare for the party. I also contacted a local bagpiper to play at the party for my dance, without realizing beforehand that he knew my Papa! When Papa arrived at the restaurant, Tom, the piper, and I, hid from view while Papa walked into the room and was greeted by our friends and family. Then we got the cue and Tom “marched” himself and I into the room, playing the pipes through the restaurant. When we entered the room Papa was very surprised to see us, and after I finished my Highland Fling, even more so! We then celebrated the rest of the evening with good food, even better company, and some awesome Konditir Meister cake 🙂 – Michelle M., Customer Care

My weekend was great! Saturday was a busy day with a full day in the office with some of my super fun coworkers. Saturday night ended up with an impromptu dinner with f SmartPaker Nikki (which is always a good time). Sunday was a very busy day, it started off with a trip to the barn. I snuck out Sunday morning to get in a quick ride on Eclipse with my two Portuguese Water Dogs in tow. Needless to say before I was even tacked up they had been in and out of the water buckets in each of the paddocks multiple times… I should have known I signed up for that. After a good ride and lots of water bucket scrubbing we finished up at the barn and headed home. My husband and I then went to a benefit party for cancer research that is thrown by my brothers girlfriend’s family, we had such a good time and thousands of dollars were raised for a good cause. After that (as if we already didn’t have enough excitement) we then made the trek to Boston for the Red Sox/Yankees game. Unfortunately the Red Sox lost but it was a great game and of course I had great company. – Whitney F., Customer Care

My weekend included a trip down memory lane and a LOT of heavy lifting! My mom is moving to a new house that doesn’t have a garage or an attic, so you know what that means – time to go through all my childhood things. For the first time in over two years, both of my sisters and I were all in one place, and we had an absolute blast going through all of our toys, school work, knick knacks, and more. As if that wasn’t fun (read “insane”) enough, I brought along my dog Sprocket, who was all-too-happy to spend the weekend frolicking with my mom’s two dogs and my sister’s two dogs (yes, five dogs – and two kids – were also part of the festivities :-)).
Two of my favorite finds of the weekend were my old-school SmartPak storage drawer from when I was in college (long before I’d ever thought about working here!), and a picture of a year-end awards dinner – winning is FUN! But the fun’s not over yet – I’m heading back this weekend to help her with a massive yard sale – wish me luck 🙂 -Sarah P., Marketing

My boyfriend and I spent the weekend camping in Greenfield State Park in New Hampshire. It was an awesome weekend filled with food, fun, and fire! We ate well, with pulled pork sandwiches in the pie iron and roasted potatoes Friday night, scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and toast with cherries and mangoes Saturday morning, nachos as an appetizer, southwest turkey burger sliders, left over potatoes, and a salad Saturday night, and pancakes with sausage and baked apples Sunday morning. All our food was made over a campfire (no camping stove- that’s for cheaters!), and was delicious! We even managed to start 2 of the 4 fires with a single match, and no commercial fire starters! – Jess D., Customer Care

My husband and I went to a car show and he won 2nd place we also put in for drawings and won paw sox tickets and won the 50 50 drawing which was 390.00 we donated back to the little girl who has cancer. I couldn’t keep it because this was a fund raiser for her so I gave it back. – Susan R., Shipping

Last weekend was the 250th Birthday of Wellfleet, the town where my Husband grew up. To celebrate, we spend the entire day on the boat enjoying all that Wellfleet has to offer- we swam, did some fishing, built a bon-fire on Jeremy Point (our favorite place), ate a lot of S’mores and ended the night watching the town fireworks from the boat. It was an awesome weekend! – Autumn D., Merchandising

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