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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 5, 2013

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…


I competed my horse Cooper in a USHJA National Hunter Derby at the Head of the Bay Classic horse show. Cooper mostly does the adult equitation but has shown he really likes the hunter derbies as well! It was a really great day for team Renee & Cooper. The course was really fun, had some big jumps and really highlighted a horse with a nice flowing pace. Cooper jumped amazing and we received a score of 90 in the first round! That is the first time I’ve ever scored a 90, it was incredibly exciting. I was so proud of Cooper! We ended up finishing in 2nd place – yay! The other fun part was that 3 other people from my barn also ribboned. It’s great to get to show with your friends and it’s also really funny to celebrate success together. – Renee P., Merchandising

This weekend my new horse Dez arrived from Pennsylvania! He’s a 5 yr old 16.3h OTTB and sweet as can be!
He settled right in as soon as he realized that his new barn also had hay and grain – which is all over his cute little face in this picture. – Lara F., Merchandising

This weekend was a busy one! It started off Friday night with an away game for the Gladiators. They beat the Metrowest Cowboys 21-18, so the weekend was off to a good start. Saturday morning I headed out to Burrage Pond with fellow SmartPaker Elizabeth, our friend Lauren, and their horses Sam and Cupid. I played photographer and snapped some cool shots of the girls riding through the tall grass, as well as got a good cardio workout keeping up with the horses! Later Saturday I sold the rest of our bearded dragon babies that started hatching in May, so the reptile count at our house is back under control. No sooner were those babies out the door, did I find a baby bird in our yard. His parents dutifully flew down to where he was and fed him, but each time I walked near him he’d open his mouth and cry at me for food – (I may have obliged and given him a mealworm…). The rest of Saturday was spent getting the house and yard ready for Matt’s birthday party on Sunday. I made a mint chocolate chip cake and we celebrated with friends and family all day Sunday. It was so much fun that I’m considering switching my wintery, November birthday to sometime in August, just as an excuse to have another cookout – Michelle M., Customer Care

To prepare our daughter for the world of Geekdom, we took her to the Boston Comic Con. “Hey mom, those light sabers are pretty cool!”. Little known fact, our own Matt Smith is Jabba. – Kate C., IT

I arrived an hour before my lesson yesterday (which turned out to be an hour and a half private – a bit sore today) to enjoy my horse doing his favorite thing in the world – GRAZING! He loves his new Crusader Fly Mask, with ears of course, because it has HIS NAME on it thanks to the fabulous embroidery team at SmartPak.

(Psst…I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention to my Barn Manager that somehow Excel’s grazing muzzle came off for about 20 minutes during our time together – thanks 🙂 ) – Susan T., Barn Marketing

This weekend SmartPaker Casey and I built a trail course to help our young horses get used to new obstacles! As you can see, they were both awesome at standing on tarps and bridges. 🙂 – Jessica N., Marketing

WELCOME NOAH ROBERT SCOTT ! On Saturday August 3rd we got a new addition to our family! My cousins had their 2nd child, a son Noah. He was born at 6:49pm, weighs 9 lbs and is 51 cm long. Baby and family are doing well, and his older sister Olivia (3 yrs old) was instantly in love with her new baby brother and being a great big sister. I am coming to visit them on Tuesday and cannot wait to meet him !!! 🙂 – Brittany C., Creative

Last weekend my Barn Manager came up with a brilliant idea… epic trail ride. This means that almost every horse in our barn (and two additional friends) were going to go out on the trails that are adjacent to our property. So a total of 11 horses went on this trail ride (which is usually a recipe for disaster) but everyone as fabulous. We went down to a pond and since it wasn’t your typical beach day we pretty much had the beach to ourselves! Since the water was a little choppy everyone was a bit hesitant, except for my horse Eclipse. He pretty much leaped at the opportunity to head into the water, thus prompting almost everyone else to as well! Eclipse had a great time in the water and everyone was very well behaved on the way home. Sunday was also fairly eventful my husband’s family has a large family reunion that we attended. It was a great time I mostly enjoyed spending the time with my niece and nephews but it is always great to see extended family. – Whitney F., Customer Care

I had a very busy weekend that included a beach day, a concert in Boston, and of course, time at the barn. My boyfriend had never been on a horse before and decided he wanted to give it a try, so I put him on my trusty mare Ax. He did a great job and had progressed to trotting by the end of the ride. I love having such an easygoing horse! – Emily D., Finance

Having been driven away by deer flies the last few (HOT) weeks, I finally made it back out on the trails this weekend. My barn-mate and I of course picked the one hour of rain but to be honest, it felt pretty good (and kept the bugs away). The horses enjoyed a chance to stretch their legs and fellow SmartPaker Michelle joined us on foot, and with a camera. Sunday I took some friends up to Salem, MA for a fun afternoon of historical sites and seaside fare. We visited the House of Seven Gables, and I fulfilled a lifelong wish to be a figurehead. – Elizabeth R., Customer Care

How to enjoy yourself at the Portuguese Feast in New Bedford, MA:
Step 1: Take 3lbs of beef tips and marinate in Madeira wine.
Step 2: Marinate yourself in your drink of choice
Step 3: Skewer, heat, rotate, rotate, rotate…
Step 4: Add some live entertainment (7 day weekend – check ‘em out!)
Step 5: Rinse and Repeat!

-Jon D., IT

“Newmie-Poo” had a great weekend, winning our Second Level Test Three class and our first Dover Medal in the process. We even got an “8” for our final halt! Thanks to Fields and Fences for hosting a fantastic show! – Dr. Lydia G., Staff Veterinarian

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One comment on “Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 5, 2013
  1. Sharon says:

    Did a trail ride on Jasper on the VA State Horse Trails. My first very own horse at 60 years old. Life time dream to ride and I am finally doing it!

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