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Keeping Bella Healthy on the Road


I recently attended HITS Saugerties with my six-year-old cross-bred mare Bella to compete in the Adult Equitation and Low Adult Jumpers. The amount of time and preparation that goes into not only packing your horse but yourself is pretty intense. I have found in the past it has been very helpful to make a checklist for not only my horse Bella, but me too! Because I travel to horse shows alone and meet up with my trainer, there is much more preparation that comes into play. I am not only responsible for myself but my horse, tack, supplies, grain, and transportation!

My list first and foremost always begins with Bella. I am always sure to confirm that I have my SmartPaks on hand and packed as they are so easy to travel with! This makes feeding much easier as when I compete, I stable with a farm that is not familiar with my horse and her feeding schedule.


One of the most important components in my SmartPaks that I feel is invaluable is SmartDigest Ultra, which enables Bella to be enrolled in the ColiCare program. In addition to her SmartPaks, I always grab a few tubes of the SmartDigest Ultra Paste to offer her extra support during long trailer rides. It gives me peace of mind to know that I’ve provided her with specialized ingredients that help keep her digestive tract healthy and balanced during times of stress.

A sudden change in your horse’s lifestyle or diet, such as different hay or grain, increased stall time, adjustment in activity level, or even dehydration can lead to digestive upset. Being on the road with a horse is not a time during which I want to be faced with digestive issues. I definitely would never leave home without my SmartDigest Ultra!


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