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Keeping Up With The SmartPakers: September 16th 2013

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

I got to visit fellow SmartPaker Tierney, and her SmartPak dog Henry, at their home outside of Charleston. It was a great visit with some quality friend, dog, and horse time! In keeping with last weekend’s “tiny frog” theme, one of these pictures is a little frog that came along on a boat ride with us! – Lyn H., Customer Care

For the third time, the Naperville Last Fling invited my favorite band, Collective Soul, to play at their annual event, which is kind of a “goodbye” to summer. While their music is always fun, this year also we were treated to some spectacular “heat lightening” displays behind the stage. Unfortunately, this turned into real lightening and rain and because it was an outdoor concert, the show organizers decided to halt the event and send us all home. The good guys that they are, CS serenaded our departure with an acoustic version of “Shine!” – Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian

It was a big day here in our family as our oldest child, Rose, went off to kindergarten. She was feeling very proud in her new outfit, new backpack, and new haircut. For a fun look-alike contest, I’ve included a picture of me going to kindergarten. If I only had the original dress, we’d be twins! – Kristen I., Operations

Got rid of a couch this weekend. – Brittany C., Creative

This Weekend, I had climbed Wachusett Mountain and then toured the Wachusett brewery! – Ashley L., Creative

Cooper and I went to HITS Saugerties for the Marshall & Sterling Adult Medal Final. It was a great experience to ride in the Grand Prix ring over a challenging course. Cooper was impressed with the arena but was very brave! SmartPak sponsored the Children’s Medal Final and there were also lots of riders walking around with Top 10 jackets sponsored by SmartPak. Stella came with me and spent most of her time making sure that no one took the golf cart without her permission. – Renee P., Merchandising

I had a pony filled weekend including surprising my 6 year old niece with her very own pony for her birthday! As you can imagine, Scout is being spoiled already (yes his SmartPak arrived before he did and eats his SmartCombo Senior right up), but I guess that’s bound to happen with an aunt that works at SmartPak! My niece Catherine is learning the ropes, even mucking out Scouts stall before school every day.

Her birthday party was also held at the barn where she takes lessons and Maddie (my 10 month old daughter) even had a pony ride on Love Bug. She wasn’t too sure about the purple helmet cover as she is more of a traditional girl, but safety first! – Lissa H., Marketing

This weekend was the perfect weekend for a wedding! In college, I rode on the Penn State Equestrian Team (affectionately known as PSET) and was lucky enough to ride with and become friends with some of the most awesome people I know. On Saturday, our (former) PSET president Jess and fellow PSET member Ricky got hitched! Since graduating, we’ve scattered all over the country so it’s a pretty difficult task to get all of us in one place. Jess and Ricky’s wedding was the perfect occasion for a reunion and it was so great to have everyone together again! We took a million pictures (literally) but here are two of my favorites. – Kaitlyn Z., Marketing

My weekend was busy, but full of awesome things! On Friday I moved to a new apartment, which is closer to work, and closer to my horse! Moving is always pretty miserable, but it’s great to have a shorter commute and I love my new place. On Saturday I spent the afternoon at the barn, getting my mare Luna ready for a clinic on Sunday. She got the full spa treatment- mane pulled, bath (after which she promptly rolled), clipped and tack cleaned. On Sunday we rode in a clinic with international Grand Prix rider Shannon Dueck. It was amazing!!! Luna was very well behaved, and we came away with lots of things to work on for our move to Second Level next year (FORWARD!). Shannon was incredibly nice and encouraging, and the weather was perfect. – Kerri V., Marketing

This Saturday, I went on a three-hour kayaking tour on the Charles River. Although I’ve lived in the Boston area for eight years, I’ve never done anything with such a unique perspective on the history of the city and the river. We paddled under the Longfellow and Zakim bridges, rode the locks into Boston harbor to see the Constitution and the old WWII dry docks, and then ended up near the hatch shell with a beautiful view of the skyline. – Sara F., Creative

September has been full of weddings, and they are all SmartPak store alumni! One of my former managers got married up in Maine to a wonderful guy that she actually met in the store. Congrats Alana and Jesse – what an amazing weekend. The weekend before we celebrated in CT with Erin and Joe – Erin also managed at the store and I caught her sporting a pair of green wellies as she headed through the fields to the gorgeous wedding venue. A few other store alumni were in attendance – Megan was at both weddings (bridesmaid in one!) and Morgan and Michael (married last month) made the trip up to Maine. So fun to see everyone! Three weddings in four weeks is a record for me. Add in two horse shows, a clinic and family get-togethers – I need a vacation! – Jen B., Retail Store

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