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SmartVites: A Multivitamin Makeover


Did you know that the SmartVites were some of the first SmartSupplements ever created? They’ve been popular with horse owners all over the country for the past seven years, and they recently got makeover. We’re excited to give you the inside scoop on the new formulas, and let you backstage to learn a bit more about how and why we made the changes we did!

An Inside Look at Minerals

The most important thing to remember when it comes to minerals (especially the micro-minerals), is their relationship to one another. More of one in this case is not necessarily better, but rather making sure each mineral is correctly balanced to the other minerals in the diet. Luckily with SmartVites, you can sleep soundly knowing that we’ve done the legwork to make sure the minerals are all correctly balanced. Let’s take a look at some of the popular minerals:

  • Iron: One of our favorite myths to bust is that horses are often deficient in iron, or that iron supplementation is a good option for horses that need more energy. In reality, iron deficiency in horses is incredibly rare, and the vast majority of horses are getting their needs met with their forage and/or grain alone. There simply wasn’t a good reason for adding additional iron into the new SmartVites, so we’ve intentionally left this mineral out!
  • Selenium: This is a key mineral the body needs to manufacture antioxidants, so it’s crucial that horses get enough in their diets. For example, an 1,100lb horse in light exercise needs at least 1mg/day. The new SmartVites were formulated to help horses meet their minimum requirement by providing 1 – 1.5mg per formula. For anyone concerned about this amount of selenium, keep in mind that the upper safe level for selenium is estimated somewhere between 20-50mg/day.
  • Copper, Manganese, and Zinc: These three highly interrelated micro-minerals have been correctly balanced to one another in all of the SmartVite formulas. We also evaluated the amounts of these minerals horses generally get from their forage, and adjusted the levels of these minerals in the SmartVites accordingly.
  • Magnesium: an important mineral for normal muscle function, it may also help support metabolic health and a balanced disposition. Horses in moderate to heavy work have additional requirements for magnesium, so you’ll find increased levels across the new SmartVites especially in the performance versions.
    • Don’t Forget the Vitamins

      The new SmartVites are designed to provide all of the fat and water-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, C, and B-complex. Here’s a look at a few:

      • Vitamin D: Horses can manufacture their own vitamin D from sunlight just like people, and so many horses likely come close or meet their requirement from this source alone. However, for reasons such as increased stall time, blanketing, use of UV protectant fly sheets, etc. you’ll see that SmartVites do provide some vitamin D to help reduce the risk that your horse isn’t getting enough each day.
      • Vitamin E: You’ll find vitamin E in each of the SmartVites. Because vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, there are higher levels in the performance and senior formulas, as those two categories of horses can likely benefit from additional support.
      • Vitamin C: Another vitamin known for its antioxidant benefits, vitamin C is included in all SmartVites, and similar to vitamin E, the highest amounts are found in the senior versions.

      The Fancy New Chart

      The new SmartVite chart is the perfect tool to figure out which SmartVite is ideal to help balance your horse’s diet:

      The first criteria is to figure out if your horse is getting less than 75% of their full serving or fortified grain or complete feed. If math problems make your heart rate go up and your palms sweat, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The math is straightforward, and you’ll need to know how much grain your horse gets compared to what his feed label recommends. Let’s walk through an example:

      • Smartie is an eight-year-old Warmblood in moderate work getting 4lbs of grain daily, though his feed label recommends 8lbs daily for his age and workload.
      • To calculate what percentage Smartie is getting, simply divide his actual serving of 4lbs by his recommended serving of 8 lbs to get 0.5 (multiply by 100 to get 50%).
      • Smartie would be a perfect candidate for a SmartVite because he is only getting 50% of his recommended serving of fortified grain. His ideal supplement would be SmartVite Perform!
      • If you’d like to see another example, check out our blog!

      Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this inside look into the new SmartVite line! To get all the details on the new formulas and figure out which new SmartVite is right for your horse, visit

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