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2 Senior Dog Food Myths: BUSTED

Myth 1

Dogs become seniors at age seven.

FALSE. The saying “age is just a number” definitely applies here. While it’s true large breed dogs tend to have a shorter life expectancy than their smaller counterparts, your dog is an individual. Let him tell you when he’s slowing down. When he does, choose a dog food with targeted ingredients that can have beneficial effects on an older dog’s quality of life, like increased antioxidants.

Myth 2

My dog’s senior food has glucosamine, so his joint support is covered.

FALSE. Many senior dog foods list glucosamine on their labels, but the amount per serving is negligible. If you really want to support your dog’s joints, add a joint supplement.

Our Dogs LiveSmart, Do Yours?


“Maisy thrives on exercise and joins me on all of my adventures. I feed her LiveSmart Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Senior Dog Formula because I want to support her with quality ingredients and nutrients so she can continue doing what she loves for as long as possible. With her shiny coat, white teeth, and high activity level, people comment all the time that they’d never guess she’s 11!” – Katy, Merchandising

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One comment on “2 Senior Dog Food Myths: BUSTED
  1. christi alexandre says:

    this is so true!. my last aussies was 18 when he passed away and was a really busy guy til 16 when he started going blind and eventually deaf. but he was full coated , glossy and healthy and right at my side to the end. dont let dog food bags that do not know your 4 footed friend tell you what he/she is feeling. if they still want to run and play, protect you and go to the barn morning and night to make sure you are doing your job right, well then i guess “senior” needs a new definition.

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