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2014 Blanket Guide: Stable Blankets and Sheets

Now that you know everything there is to know about what your horse should wear outside this winter, you may be wondering what to do when he’s snug inside the barn. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a turnout blanket indoors, having something else to change into has lots of benefits. For one thing, it gives your horse’s turnout blanket a chance to dry off and air out. The stable blanket (or sheet) will also have a slightly different fit than the turnout, helping reduce the chance of those “bed sore” type rubs that come from too much constant pressure.

Just like turnouts, these pieces come in different weights. Stable sheets have no fill, so they only offer a little bit of warmth, while stable blankets typically range from 100 –300 grams of fill. Because stable blankets and sheets aren’t waterproof, they should only be worn inside or layered under a waterproof turnout blanket for outdoor use.

Here are some of our top picks:

  • Most Versatile: Thermo Manager Stable Blanket – This unique blanket serves a variety of needs, functioning as a cooling out sheet, travel sheet, blanket liner, or stand-alone stable blanket!
    Thermo Manager Stable Blanket

    (89 reviews)
  • Best Value Blanket: Amigo® Insulator Stable Blanket – Horseware quality at a budget-friendly price. This 210 denier ripstop polyester blanket is available with 200 g or 350 g of fill.
    This ships free!
    Amigo Insulator Stable Blanket

     $89.95 - $104.95
    (105 reviews)
  • Toughest Blanket: SmartPak Stable Blanket – The durable, 640 denier outer shell provides lasting good looks, while 300 g of fill keeps your horse cozy. For a slightly brighter style, opt for SmartPink® Plaid or SmartBlue® Plaid.
    This ships free!
    SmartPak Stable Blanket

     $99.95 - $109.95
    (201 reviews)
  • Best Blanket for Quarter Horses: Rockin’ SP Stable Blanket – Not only is this 420 denier nylon blanket with 300 g of fill tough, toasty, and a terrific value, but it’s also designed to fit your Quarter Horse! It features a broader cut through the shoulders and a shorter drop, so it’s built for stockier horses.
    This ships free!
    Rockin' SP Quilted Stable Blanket

     $89.95 - $99.95
    (51 reviews)
  • Best Value Sheet: SmartPlaid Stable Sheet – Your horse will love this classic stable sheet, and you’ll love the price (and the fun, preppy plaid!). If SmartPink® and SmartBlue® aren’t your style, the SmartPak Stable Sheet offers the same fit and features in three classic colors.
    SmartPlaid Stable Sheet (formerly SmartPink & SmartBlue Stable Sheet)
    (56 reviews)
  • Toughest Sheet: Baker Sheet – In addition to it’s iconic plaid, Baker is also well-known for its premium durability, and this sheet is no exception.
    This ships free!
    Baker™ Sheet

    (85 reviews)
  • Most Innovative Sheet: Back on Track Mesh Sheet – Ceramic powder-infused sheet creates soothing far infrared thermal heat that helps alleviate discomfort associated with inflamed muscles and joints. Great for cold-backed horses to help warm up muscles prior to exercise.
    This ships free!
    Back on Track Mesh Sheet - Black

    (103 reviews)
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  1. Victoria says:

    Can’t find your temp guide, when to blanket or wehn to put on a fiber filled blanket

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