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Light Turnout Blankets

Your horse’s first line of defense against the oncoming chill

A light turnout blanket provides ample waterproof protection without added warmth. When deciding if this weight is right for your horse, think of it like your rain coat. It doesn’t necessarily provide much warmth, but in a storm it protects you from the wind and rain, keeping you warmer than you would be if you were soaked to the bone.

The same goes for your horse—use this light layer to keep him dry in mildly cold weather, so he doesn’t risk catching a chill.

Now you’re probably wondering what exactly “mildly cold” means. Well, it means different things to different horses. One of the biggest factors is whether or not your horse is body clipped. Going back to the rain coat analogy for a moment, think about wearing it over a tee shirt versus a thick wool sweater—what you’ve got underneath can really affect your comfort level. If your horse is body clipped, a light turnout is generally good for temperatures in the 40s, while unclipped horses should be comfortable from 40 degrees down to the low 30s.

light turnout

Turnout Terms

Denier: A unit of weight that measures the fineness or density of fiber filaments. The higher the denier (D), the stronger the fabric weave. However, not all “deniers” are created equal. Nylon is heavier than polyester, so it’s stronger at a lower denier, meaning 1000 D nylon is stronger than 1000 D polyester, accounting for the difference in price.

Polyester: This synthetic fabric isn’t as tough as nylon, so polyester blankets are usually cheaper. If your horse isn’t too rough on blankets, this is a great way to save money!

Ballistic Nylon: A term used for any nylon made with a “ballistic weave,” which is a dense basketweave pattern, originally designed for WWII-era flak jackets.
Ripstop: A special weave designed with reinforcements that prevent tears from expanding.

Our Top Picks:

Tried and True:

Amigo® 1200D Bravo 12 Turnout
Amigo blankets have long been a favorite of riders at every level, in
every discipline. A tough 1200 denier polyester shell and a coat-polishing polyester lining will keep your horse, and his turnout blanket, looking great.

This ships free!
Amigo 1200D Bravo 12 Turnout Blanket

 $164.95 - $189.95
(195 reviews)

Best Value:

English: SmartPak Classic Turnout
This basic 600 denier polyester blanket fits
just about every horse and every budget, which is why it’s a SmartPak customer favorite.

This ships free!
SmartPak Classic Turnout Blanket

 $109.95 - $119.95
(192 reviews)

Western: Rockin’ SP Classic Waterproof Blanket
Waterproof yet breathable 600 denier polyester shell with a nylon lining that’s specifically designed to fit stockier horses.

This ships free!
Rockin' SP Classic Waterproof Turnout Blanket

 $109.95 - $119.95
(89 reviews)

Most Durable:
Big D Magnum Turnout Sheet
Tough 1200 denier ripstop polyester outer with double sewn heat-sealed seams, reinforced stress points, and tailored rear darts make this blanket wear just like armor.

This ships free!
Big D Magnum Turnout Sheet

(61 reviews)

Most Sophisticated:
Baker Turnout Sheet
Iconic Baker™ plaid in a rough and ready 1200 denier ripstop polyester shell means
your horse can look positively posh, even in a downpour.

This ships free!
Baker™ Turnout Sheet

(74 reviews)

Smart Tips

Q. Can I wash my horse’s turnout blankets?
A. Repeated washing degrades the protective coating that gives turnout blankets their waterproofing power. However, if you let the blanket stay too dirty too long, ammonia and
bacteria from urine, manure, and mud can compromise the quality of the fabric as well.
Stretch your time between washes by using a stiff brush to clean your blanket, and
store it in a Stall Front Storage Bag when it’s not in use. When you do have
to wash it, use a wash made for turnout blankets, like Rambo Blanket Wash.

Stall Front Blanket Bag

(64 reviews)

Rambo Blanket Wash

 $14.95 - $167.95
(76 reviews)

If you’re dealing with colder weather, have no fear! We’ve got you covered with Medium Turnouts and Heavy Turnouts, too!

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