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Meet Laura, Justin and Gracie


Success Profiles: Justin and Gracie
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 18
Discipline: Retired Western All Around and Hunt Seat/Equitation
Owner: Laura Stanton

As a longtime owner and competitor, I want only the best for my two retired show horses, Justin and Gracie.


I give Justin and Gracie SmartFlex III Resilience Pellets because it provides comprehensive support for his joints, tendons, and ligaments. It helps keep them happy and comfortable out on the trails despite the wear and tear their joints saw in the show ring.

SmartFlex® III Resilience Pellets Original

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During their years in the ring, Justin and Gracie were exposed to some of the management risk factors that can lead to gastric upset. I feed them SmartGut Pellets because it contains ingredients that support the natural healing process and help maintain a healthy stomach.

SmartGut® Pellets

As Low As: $43.95
(450 reviews)

The final part of Gracie’s SmartPak is SmartCalm Pellets. Gracie is a sensitive mare and used to find trail riding a little scary. I like that SmartCalm has a nutritional approach to calming that helps her stay relaxed and focused. With the help of her SmartPaks, trail riding is now one of her favorite activities!

SmartCalm® Pellets

As Low As: $23.95
(519 reviews)



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