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October Barn of the Month – Wilms Training Center

Barn: Wilms Training Center
Located in: Scottsdale AZ
Trainers: Jeffrey and Amy Wilms
Horses on SmartPaks: 15


Jeffrey Wilms Training & Management, Inc. is owned and operated by nationally-recognized horse trainers Amy and Jeffrey Wilms. Their horse training facility is located in the heart of beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Their facilities offer full service horse training, competitive showing & horses for sale. There are complete Youth & Adult Amateur programs in reining, western pleasure, working cow, trail, and cutting taught by Jeffrey Wilms; and hunter pleasure, western pleasure, equitation, dressage, and showmanship taught by Amy Wilms. Jeffrey and Amy offer a full range of services starting with riding lessons for the beginner rider all the way to training for horse show competition at the local and national levels.

Their programs are tailor-made to meet the individual needs of each horse and rider so that they may both enjoy the benefits of improved horsemanship skills. There is always an outstanding selection of high quality competition horses available for purchase at the Jeffrey Wilms ranch. This Scottsdale, Arizona training facility has been operating since 1982 and boasts one of the industry’s top training teams.


Jeffrey and Amy feel that consistency, patience, and a full understanding of the horse are essential for a well-rounded equine training program. At Wilms Training, their objective is to make training and riding your horse stress-free and fun while achieving your performance goals.

Wilms Training Center transitioned their entire barn over to the SmartPak feeding system in early 2013. They were looking for an easier solution to maintaining custom supplement programs for all the horses in their care. Just as in their training methods, when it comes to nutrition, there is no one size fits all. Jeffrey and Amy love the ease of morning and evening feeds now that the daily SmartPaks include all the supplements that benefit each horse. No more opening and closing dozens of buckets twice a day! Traveling with SmartPaks is a no-brainer. Count the number of days on the road and grab that number of SmartPaks. Easy!


Their basic SmartPaks include SmartCombo Ultra Pellets, which offers high-level support for joints, tendons, hooves, digestion, and skin/coat. They also support many of their horses with SmartGut Ultra, a gastric health formula backed by clinical research, designed to support horses under stress from training, competing, traveling and living in a stall, as well as those with a history of gastric problems.







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