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Peek in Our Paks – Whitney F


This Month’s Pick

Staff Member: Whitney F
Department: Customer Care
Horse: Eclipse
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

I started riding lessons when I was about 5 years old and before that you could often find me and my dad escaping to the local barn for a pony ride (I’m pretty sure I have him to thank for my love of horses). After a few years, I took some time off from riding and then my friend asked me to go ride with her and yet again I fell in love. Since then (my freshman year in high school) I have been at the same wonderful barn on Cape Cod. Since then I have owned three amazing horses; my most recent purchase is a Friesian/Thoroughbred Cross.

Eclipse is a great boy who came to me from a hunter/jumper barn where he also had a strong background in dressage. I am still counting my blessings that this amazing boy came into my life. If all that wasn’t good enough, he loves trail riding as well. Despite his good looks and charm Eclipse does have a condition called ringbone that we are working closely with my veterinarian and farrier to manage.

When we aren’t hitting the trails or riding in the ring, Eclipse is my constant companion and I want to keep him fueled with all the right supplements for his needs. That’s why he has a highly customized SmartPak!

SmartFlex IV Ultimate

This is probably the most important supplement in Eclipse’s SmartPak! Even though he isn’t an elite performance horse, he is the most important horse in my life. Because of this, I wanted to give him the best of the best with SmartFlex IV Ultimate. I think this is the most comprehensive joint supplement around and it gives Eclipse everything he needs to help maintain healthy joints.
SmartFlex IV Ultimate provides an amazing combination of the most powerful ingredients for joint, tendon, and ligament health, including glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, cetyl myristoleate, MSM, silica and collagen. Those were all of the ingredients that I had been researching when looking for a joint supplement and with SmartFlex IV Ultimate, they’re all wrapped up in one pretty PAKage (you like what I did there?).

This ships free!
SmartFlex® IV Ultimate Pellets Original

As Low As: $82.95
(81 reviews)

SmartDigest Ultra

I feed Eclipse SmartDigest Ultra because of the unparalleled digestive support it provides. Not only does it have prebiotics and probiotics, it also has a laundry list of other ingredients that support a healthy digestive system and help manage the stress of things like hay changes. Those ingredients are great for Eclipse because he lives at a boarding barn, which means he experiences changes in hay with every new load. Plus, I have the peace of mind that thanks to ColiCare, I may be eligible for $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement should I never need it (though hopefully I won’t).

SmartDigest® Ultra Powder

As Low As: $38.95
(745 reviews)

SmartDark and Handsome

After seeing pictures of Eclipse, I am sure you can figure out why he is on this one! His coat was never in bad shape but I wanted something to help maintain his deep, rich color. SmartDark and Handsome fit the bill perfectly. Eclipse’s coat looks shiny and healthy and I haven’t noticed any fading in the summer months.

SmartDark & Handsome®

As Low As: $21.95
(281 reviews)

SmartLytes Pellets

I feed Eclipse SmartLytes Pellets because I was baffled to find out that a horse in no work needs at least one ounce of salt per day. I found out that my perfect recipe to get salt into Eclipse is a combination of a Himalayan Salt Lick and SmartLytes Pellets. Feeding a well-balanced electrolyte supplement like SmartLytes Pellets can supply the sodium chloride your horse needs in addition to the other electrolyte minerals that are lost in sweat (which is important because Eclipse is a sweaty boy!). Supplying an electrolyte also encourages Eclipse to drink more water, helping to rebalance his fluids and support the proper digestion of feeds. This is a very cost effective way to make sure Eclipse is getting the best of the best and he can’t resist the apple-banana flavored pellets!

SmartLytes® Pellets

As Low As: $13.73
(301 reviews)

Why Whitney feeds SmartPaks

I use SmartPaks because they are a customized way to feed supplements! I know Eclipse is getting the right amount of his supplements and my barn manager doesn’t have to open and close four buckets, which saves her a ton of time (imagine if all 12 horses in my barn were on four supplements each in buckets). I know that my barn takes great care of Eclipse so I like to do what I can to give back as well. I also love the fact that I don’t need to remember to reorder supplements every month because they get automatically delivered to Eclipse’s barn (how can you hate that?). All in all, it comes back to simplifying Eclipse’s supplement program because he means the world to me and I just want to give him the very best of the best.

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