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Healthy Hooves Across America


Horse owners from coast to coast are concerned with keeping their horses’ hooves healthy and strong. Learn these three owners’ smart secrets for keeping their horse’s hooves going strong despite the challenges of their different environments.

Location: Washington
Horse Profile: What A Glorious Feeling, “Gene”

Gene spends a lot of time singing in the rain in the wet northwest, so his turnout tends to stay pretty mushy. His owner, Kelly, knows that constant wet conditions can take a toll on hoof health, making the hoof prone to distortion and susceptible to thrush.

Smart Management
Kelly provides Gene with a solid foundation by feeding a quality hoof supplement every day. She uses Life Data Hoof Disinfectant™ during those prolonged periods of rain when his hooves are susceptible to bacteria and fungi from walking through the mushy paddock.

Life Data Hoof Disinfectant™
(20 reviews)

Location: Colorful Southwest
Horse Profile: Desert Flower, “Desi”

Desi’s hooves are naturally prone to cracks, and stomping all day in her dry, dusty paddock to beat the flies doesn’t help. It rarely rains in this part of the country, so Desi always gets ridden by her
owner, Josie, outside in the dusty sand ring or on the dry trail. This means the wear on her hooves caused by the hard ground exceeds new hoof growth.

Smart Management
Josie provides Desi with a hoof supplement that’s high in biotin to help support healthy hoof growth. She also uses Keratex Hoof Hardener, which helps strengthen weak, cracked hooves while still allowing them to breathe naturally. Josie also uses the Kensington FlyBoots to keep the bugs off Desi’s legs, which helps reduce the stomping in the paddock.

Keratex Hoof Hardener

(193 reviews)

Kensington Fly Boots
(232 reviews)

Location: Massachusetts
Horse Profile: Belle of the Ball, “Bella”

Bella’s hooves go through a big environmental change as she trades in the cold, wet New England soil for the hard, dry show grounds in sunny Florida. Her hooves also go through daily shifts from wet to dry, from the sand ring, to the post-workout rinse in the wash stall, back to the dry shavings in her stall.

Smart Management
Bella’s owner, Lindsay, knows that environmental shifts can take a toll on hoof
health, so she makes sure Bella gets a quality hoof supplement in her SmartPaks. She also uses Keratex Hoof Gel, which helps keep healthy hoof horn watertight in wet conditions and stops cracking in dry conditions.

Keratex Hoof Gel

(47 reviews)

No matter where you live, you can support healthy hooves from the inside out with one of these best selling supplements. Pair with proper management and professional hoof care, and your horse will be on
the road to healthier hooves in no time. How much time? Visit to learn more.

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2 comments on “Healthy Hooves Across America
  1. karmin tedder says:

    My 20yr old mare has developed thin soles. Never any feet problems in her lifetime, any suggestions?

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Karmin, we’re sorry to hear about your horse’s feet. Often times horses with thin soles can have sensitive or sore feet, but there may be a couple of things you can try. One of our favorite products is the Keratex Hoof Hardener (, and this can be applied to the soles of the hoof to help manage bruising. If your horse is currently experiencing soreness, you could try a hoof packing material like Magic Cushion Hoof Packing ( to help manage any discomfort. Last but certainly not least, we recommend working closely with your hoof care professional to make any trimming or shoeing adjustments to help your mare be more comfortable. I hope that’s helpful! – SmartPaker Casey

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