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Peek in Their Paks

Ever wanted to sneak a peek inside someone else’s SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the products these riders love, for the horses (and dogs!) they adore.

SmartPak Customer

Kaitlyn Granger and Louie

Louie’s SmartPaks

“I love the SmartPak system because I always know that my horse is getting the right amount of his supplements every time no matter who is feeding. I also love all the SmartSupplements because they are economical and high quality.”

SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free Pellets Original

As Low As: $41.95
(331 reviews)
SmartHoof® Pellets

As Low As: $19.95
(619 reviews)

Ginger’s SmartPaks
“We decided to put her on SmartCanine Joint because we’ve had so much success with SmartPak supplements for the horses. She seem to be much happier and is more willing to go on longer walks.”
SmartCanine™ Joint

As Low As: $9.82
(25 reviews)
SmartCanine™ Calming

As Low As: $8.70
(51 reviews)

Team SmartPak Rider


Jennie Brannigan and No Objection (“Ben”)

Ben’s SmartPak

This ships free!
SmartFlex® IV Ultimate Pellets Original

As Low As: $82.95
(81 reviews)

“Showing and competing at this level puts a lot of stress on Ben’s body, which is why I support his joints, tendons and ligaments with SmartFlex IV Ultimate. This formula is specifically designed for performance horses in strenuous work, so I know Ben is getting the support that’s exactly right for him.”
SmartShine® Ultra Original

As Low As: $22.95
(351 reviews)

“SmartShine Ultra helps Ben stand out from the competition. I love this product because not only does it help Ben look shiny and healthy on the outside, I know the fish oil is helping to support his well-being on the inside.”
This ships free!

As Low As: $99.35
(226 reviews)

“SmartPaks not only make it simple to keep your horses on the proper supplements, they also help make traveling and competing that much easier!”

Molly’s PortionPaks

Bizzie’s PortionPaks

“Mollie and Bizzie are the ultimate barn dogs. Whether we’re at home, in the barn or at a show, using PortionPaks makes it easy to be sure each dog gets the right food in the right amount, every time.”

SmartPak Employee

Tierney Hassell and Stone Gold (“Stoney”)

Stoney’s SmartPaks
“Like many of his Thoroughbred brethren, Stoney was plagued with thoughts of the sky falling. I started him on SmartCalm Ultra about a year ago, and the results have been mind-blowing! I describe him as being a laid-back dude now and I love it! I also feed Stoney SmartCombo Pellets because this formula has so many benefits at a reasonable price. With this supplement, Stoney gets all the active ingredients of SmartFlex II Support, SmartHoof, SmartShine, and SmartDigest. It has done wonders for him and has the bonus of being easy on my wallet.”

(198 reviews)
SmartCombo™ Pellets

As Low As: $67.95
(295 reviews)

Henry’s SmartPaks
“I feed Henry 3 different supplements and it makes it so much easier to open one pouch and add them to his food once a day. He stands on his back legs in anticipation for his supplements—he thinks he’s getting a treat!”
SmartCanine™ Joint

As Low As: $9.82
(25 reviews)

SmartCanine™ Allergy

As Low As: $14.00
(39 reviews)

SmartCanine™ Skin & Coat

As Low As: $6.85
(66 reviews)

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SmartCombo™ Senior Pellets

As Low As: $57.95
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