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Treat Your Horse Right


After a long day of showing, don’t just settle for any old treat. Reward your horse with a snack that combines natural, healthy ingredients with irresistible flavors.

I ♥ You

Tell your horse exactly how you feel by feeding him Harvest Hearts. He’ll love the taste and you’ll love the whole-grain goodness and the adorable shape!’

Harvest Hearts

 $9.95 - $55.95

Sale Price: From $6.99

(43 reviews)

Main Squeeze

The squeeze that’s sure to please! Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns are an all-natural treat no horse can resist. Best of all, they’re individually wrapped, so there’s no sticky mess in your pockets.

Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns

 $7.95 - $22.95
(156 reviews)

Twice as Nice

Let your treats do double duty by feeding Hoof Snax or Flax Snax. Enriched with Biotin and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, these snacks help support healthy hooves and a shiny coat.


(57 reviews)

(94 reviews)

Have a Mint

The fresh way to reward your horse! Meadow Mints combine peppermint oil with whole grains for a refreshingly tasty, and healthy, treat.

Meadow Mints

 $9.95 - $55.95
(98 reviews)

You’re a Star

Reward your horse’s hard work with a treat named just for him. Super Stars are made from a blend of anise seed and orange oils, so they smell good and taste great.

Super Stars

 $10.95 - $62.40

Sale Price: From $7.99

(103 reviews)

Don’t Sugarcoat It

Undeniably healthy, irresistibly good! Reward your horse naturally, with Hilton Herballs. These sugar-free treats are made from alfalfa, linseed and a tasty selection of herbs. Great for horses with insulin sensitivity.

Hilton Herballs

 $6.95 - $25.95
(285 reviews)

Chef’s Specialty

The Cantering Chef has baked up something unique for your horse! His tasty horse cookies combine the freshest natural ingredients, including scrumptious rolled oats and molasses. Choose from three delicious flavors: Blackberry Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon Raisin, and Peppermint Crush.

The Cantering Chef Horse Treats

 $9.95 - $22.95
(120 reviews)

Treat your horse’s barn buddies right, too!

Just in time for the holidays, the Cantering Chef has made a bite-sized holiday special! The Cantering Chef Holiday Gift Bag is perfectly sized for your horse’s neighbors’ stockings, and because you’ve been extra-nice this year, if you buy four, you get one bag free!

The Cantering Chef Holiday Gift Bag
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