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As SmartPakers, we’ve got the inside track on all the latest and greatest tack, equipment, and apparel. Our warehouse is (literally) packed to the rafters, and when it comes to making wishlists, we are absolute pros. So we asked a few SmartPakers – What’s on your wishlist?
Hunter/Jumper Riders
Western Riders
Dressage Riders

Hunter/Jumper Riders

Renee from Merchandising:

Becky from Customer Care:

Jess from IT:

  • I would LOVE to have the Burlingham Sports Birch Starter Jump Course. This set has been on my Wishlist since they came out. It would be wonderful have birch poles that never rot, and the Burlingham jumps are so light and easy to move. They look great and hold up well. It would so much fun to use them when setting up hunter courses or to mix them in with my other jumps.
    This ships free!
    Burlingham Sports Birch Starter Jump Course


Western Riders

Ashley from Customer Care:

  • #1 on my list is the Dubarry Longford Boots. It was love at first sight with these boots and they have been on my Wishlist for months now. I really like the refined and sleek look of this Dubarry boot, from top to bottom they are my new favorite.
    This ships free!
    Dubarry Longford Boot

    (44 reviews)
  • Up next, my horse Rocki and I are wishing for the Rockin’ SP Deluxe Waterproof Blanket. Rocki is not in need of a new turnout yet, but the minute this made-for-stock-horses blanket was introduced, I added it to my wishlist for when my APHA guy is ready for a new one!
    This ships free!
    Rockin' SP Deluxe Waterproof Turnout Blanket

     $159.95 - $169.95
    (117 reviews)
  • Last but not least, is the Under Armour Cozy ½ Zip. I already have purchased the Under Armour Perfect Jacket and let’s face it, a girl can never have enough layers in the winter so I want to add this one to my wardrobe too!
    Under Armour Cozy 1/2 Zip
    (22 reviews)

Karen from IT:

Dressage Riders

Casey from Marketing:

  • My horse is living outside this winter, and I want to make sure I have a warm enough blanket for him on the really cold days! So he and I are wishing for the SmartPak Deluxe High Neck Turnout.
    This ships free!
    SmartPak Deluxe High Neck Turnout Blanket

     $169.95 - $179.95
    (302 reviews)
  • Sometimes after a day of mucking, feeding and riding my back can feel tight and sore. I’m hoping to get the Back on Track Shirt for the Holidays to use after long days at the barn.
    Back on Track T-Shirt

    (16 reviews)
  • I love the look of the Mountain Horse Julie Knitted Fleece, especially the quilted details on the shoulders and pockets. The mulberry color is my favorite, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll find this under the tree 🙂
    Mountain Horse Julie Knitted Fleece

Kaitlin from Customer Care:

Emily from Marketing:

Kerri from Marketing:

  • I am hoping for a new pair of Ariat Brossard Tall Boots for Christmas! My current ones are almost six years old and have endured a lot of New England winters. They are the best boots for keeping my feet warm, dry, and cozy no matter what the weather. I also love the suede inside the calf which helps give extra grip while riding. Being able to wear the same boot for around the barn and riding means no more changing into cold boots!
    Ariat® Brossard Tall Boot
    (112 reviews)

Kristin from Creative:

  • My wish list is pretty practical this year, surprisingly! First up, the Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper, which comes with a free, second pair of clippers—you can never have too many. My winter schooling is only intensifying, so it’s time for a conservative clip to help cool my horse down faster.
  • The Swirl Quilt Dressage Pad is a subtle way to add a little bit of flair to my schooling routine. The contrasting piping and quilting pattern is so different and either color combination would look smashing against my horse’s blood bay coat.
    Swirl Quilt All Purpose Pad
    (47 reviews)
  • My horse can’t have all the fun, so I added the Padded Leather Bit Bracelet for me! The equestrian trend isn’t going away, and this bracelet would be so much fun to mix and match with my other jewelry.
    Padded Leather Bit Bracelet
    (5 reviews)

Sara from Customer Care:

  • The Dubarry Longford Boots are SO.FREAKING.GORGEOUS! I’ve never owned Dubarry’s but have always coveted them. These new ones with the adorable buckles have stolen my heart. These are top of the wishlist, my dear Santa Claus!
    This ships free!
    Dubarry Longford Boot

    (44 reviews)
  • I’ve been hemming and hawing about trying the Micklem Competition Bridle for almost a year! The more awesome things I hear from our customers and co-workers, the more sure I am that I need to try this bridle for Charlie. Happy holidays to us both!
    This ships free!
    Rambo® Micklem® Competition Bridle

    (300 reviews)
  • Last but not least, I’m wishing for Piper Breeches – knee patch or full seat, in every color! These are my new favorite breeches for everyday riding! The comfiest, most attractive/flattering breeches around! I have the merlot knee patch but now I need one of every color and in full seat, too!

Hoping Santa gets the hints I’ve been leaving around… pages flagged and items circled in my SmartPak catalog can’t be any clearer 😉
How about you, SmartPak fans? What are you and your horses wishing for this year?

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