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SmartPaker Ashley’s Barn Essentials for the Frigid Temperatures

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Over the past few weeks the temperatures across the entire country have dropped dramatically. With -23 temps with the wind chill as the norm, there are a few things that I have made sure I had available at the barn for both my horse and myself when I go to ride. It is difficult to motivate myself to go ride and keep up with my horse’s routine in times like these, so anything I can do to make my visit to the barn more enjoyable, I am all in!

My first must-have is a heated water bucket for my guy. Even though he is not sweating from the heat, encouraging him to drink water in the winter months is still super important, and frozen buckets of water surely won’t help. I love the Heated Flatback Bucket. This bucket works great and saves my barn manager from having to chip ice out, and I feel good knowing that that my horse always has ice-free water. The other essential piece for my horse besides his comfy, warm blankets is the Back On Track Western Pad. I have found this really does an excellent job of warming up my horse’s cold muscles quickly on a very cold day.

Heated Flatback Bucket

 $43.95 - $169.95
(58 reviews)
Back on Track Western Pad

(59 reviews)

As a western rider, my typical riding attire includes jeans and boots, but my jeans don’t provide me with near enough warmth in the bitter cold. I have found that the SmartShape Base Layer Tights are an awesome addition layered under my jeans. I also have added foot warmers to my boots, and those have helped tremendously along with a heavy pair of socks like the Ariat Heavy Duty Sport Socks.

SmartShape Base Layer Tights
(16 reviews)
Ariat® Heavy Duty Sport Socks

(27 reviews)

While these essentials don’t take away the fact that it is downright cold outside, they definitely help! I’m looking forward to Spring in just 70-something days and counting.

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