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Bring Things Into Balance


Challenge #8

Difficulty: Easy
Perfect for: All horses

Discover the critical nutrient that can benefit all horses!

Open up any health or fitness magazine, and you’re bound to find at least one article singing the praises of omega 3 fatty acids. Turns out your horse needs omega 3s, too! Your horse was built to thrive on fresh grass, which is rich in omega 3s. But year-round pasture is hard to find, so most horse owners turn to hay and grain, which don’t supply the omega 3s your horse needs. SmartOmega 3 is designed to help bring your horse’s diet back into balance.

Omega 3s support your horse in three key areas:

  • Overall wellness and cellular health
  • Healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Normal response to inflammation

Real Results

Jessica from Marketing and her horse Sawyer, a 5-year-old Lippitt Morgan

“When I purchased Sawyer he had a rough, shaggy coat because it was the end of winter and he had been living outside. Designing his optimal nutrition program was a top priority, especially since I was starting him under saddle. I knew that a critical component of Sawyer’s feeding program was providing him with more omega  fatty acids, so choosing SmartOmega 3 Ultra made perfect sense. As you can see from his ‘after’ photo, taken six months later, his good health literally shines through!”

SmartOmega 3™ Ultra
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One comment on “Bring Things Into Balance
  1. Dakota D. says:

    I need to get this stuff for my mare. would it be okay for pregnant mares?

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