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Combo Nation


No matter their discipline or workload, most horses can benefit from support in four key areas: joint, digestive, hoof, and coat. See why riders from all over the map love these multi-purpose supplements for their horses.

Customer: Kara Blevins
Horse: Bryan
Discipline: Hunters & Dressage
Why Kara “Combos”
“Since he’s been on SmartCombo Pellets, Bryan has been moving freely, his coat has a glossy shine, and his farrier thinks that his hooves are coming along nicely.”

SmartCombo™ Pellets

As Low As: $67.95
(295 reviews)

Customer: Robin Hartle Ward
Horse: Sunny
Discipline: All-Around
Why Robin “Combos”
“SmartCombo Ultra Pellets have made Sunny’s supplement program easy, a ordable, and convenient. I enjoy the ease of having all of his supplements in one product and, to top it off, I may be eligible for $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement should I ever need it because Sunny is enrolled in ColiCare.”

This ships free!
SmartCombo™ Ultra Pellets

As Low As: $119.95
(208 reviews)

Customer: Scarlett Pack
Horse: Indigo
Discipline: Dressage
Why Scarlett “Combos”
“I’ve used a variety of SmartPak’s supplements throughout the years, including SmartFlex Senior. While browsing the website one day, I noticed a brand new product called SmartCombo Senior. I really liked the idea of having the ingredients of SmartFlex Senior plus two other supplements all in the same formula.”

SmartCombo™ Senior Pellets

As Low As: $57.95
(265 reviews)

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3 comments on “Combo Nation
  1. Eve R Mead says:

    Stormy is a 7 year old Arab Tobiano Blue Roan Mare. She is very healthy. Stormy was put on Smartcombo 1. When going into Western Pleasure training At age 5 We put Her on the Next level of Smartpak Combo. We moved to have Her Pasture Board@she lives in a Natural setting(Hay fed 2x’s daily)On days that weather is bad,I do not go,so she only gets Her suppl 5 days a wk. With good Vit.combo support11, I’am ‘am confident Her needs are met with tHe Good Hay that is Fed. Stormy is a very health Mare…….And a Happy Trail Horse…And a most wonderful Friend…

  2. Dorothy says:

    I find that most supplements have sugar in them for taste and this causes a problem for sugar sensitive horses. Is this the case with your supplements

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Dorothy, thanks for your question!
      Rest assured that there is never any sugar or molasses added to any of our SmartSupplements, including the SmartCombo formulas. – SmartPaker Casey

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SmartCombo™ Senior Pellets

As Low As: $57.95
(265 reviews)
Healthy Horses  ❤  Happy Riders