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An April Fools’ Adventure

Picture this, a bright and beautiful sunny day. There were few clouds in the sky and the temperature was around 70 degrees. SmartPakers Molly, Ellen, and I decided we wanted to go for a trail ride at our local state forest. So we packed up all our gear and got our horses loaded. We were driving down the road and were only a few minutes from the entrance of the forest when we heard a large pop. We all got quiet and looked at each other and wondered what that was. Within seconds, we knew we got a flat tire. I pulled over on the side of the road where it was safe and we proceeded to assess the situation. Sure enough, the rear truck tire was as flat as can be (from a screwdriver no less!).


With three horses in the trailer, we realized we had to get the tire fixed, and fast. Luckily, some nice people saw it happen from their front yard and came to help. However, the spare tire wasn’t coming off of the truck. After 30 minutes of trying, my husband arrived and was able to get the spare tire off and get the truck back in working order. We were off again.


Actually we weren’t. When I started up the truck again, we realized that the battery had died, so we weren’t going anywhere. Luckily, our horses were still being so good and calm inside the trailer, completely oblivious to anything going awry. We jump-started the truck, and then we were really off and on our way again.

Then, the gas light came on. At this point, we were all laughing because, “How does this all happen all at once?” We decided to cut our losses and head home. As we pulled into a local gas station on the way home, we were trying to figure out why the gas station attendant was yelling at us to leave. It turns out, this was a “one way” gas station, and we were pulled in the wrong way, with a very large three-horse trailer. With no way to safely turn around, we were so happy when a nice stranger passed us his gas pump from across the way so that we could put $5 in to get home. He told us cheerfully that he “likes breaking the law every now and then.”


As we were driving home, we could not stop laughing at the crazy turn of events. We unloaded Lego, Danny, and Boba, tacked up in the front yard, and headed out for a trail ride on the bogs behind the barn. We all couldn’t agree more that it was the “Best Non Trail Ride Ever.” I guess that’s what happens when we plan a trail ride for April Fool’s Day!

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