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Peek in Our Paks: Kerri V.

Staff Member: Kerri Vuolo
Department: Marketing
Horse: Riker, 20-year old Appendix Quarter Horse
Discipline: Trail Riding


I started riding at the age of 10, and by the time I turned 11 I convinced my parents to purchase my first horse, Riker, for me. We’ve done a little bit of everything over the years but mainly focused on dressage and eventing. As Riker has gotten older, we’ve switched to more low-key activities like trail riding, which he loves. These days he is semi-retired but still as spirited as ever and loves to go out for the occasional ride. We’ve been together for 18 years, and he’s definitely my best friend. Keeping him happy and healthy is extremely important to me, and his SmartPaks are an important part of that.

SmartCombo™ Senior

I chose SmartCombo Senior for Riker because it combines several products he was already getting into one easy-to-feed supplement. Years of training and competition have taken their toll on his joints, and sometimes he can be a little stiff and sore. The ingredients from SmartFlex Senior are ideal to help support his joint health and keep him comfortable. This multi-purpose formula also contains SmartOmega 3, which is perfect for Riker since he does not currently have access to grass pasture, plus it helps him gleam from the inside out. Lastly this supplement includes the active ingredients from SmartHoof, which helps to keep his hooves healthy and strong. Riker can sometimes be a picky eater, but these pellets must be tasty because he eats them right up!

SmartCombo™ Senior Pellets

As Low As: $57.95
(267 reviews)

SmartVite Thrive Senior

Despite his older age, Riker has remained an easy keeper (and retirement hasn’t helped his waistline any!). Since he receives minimal grain, I chose SmartVite Thrive Senior to help meet his daily nutrient requirements. I love that this formula is specially designed for older horses who are retired or in light work. I feel better knowing that he is receiving all of the vitamins and minerals he needs, without the additional calories from more grain.

SmartVite Thrive Senior Pellets

As Low As: $23.95
(58 reviews)

Why I Use SmartPaks™

Riker is currently leased out, so he lives at another nearby barn. SmartPaks make it easy to provide the exact supplements he needs without any hassle for the barn staff. Plus his supplements stay fresh and I know he’s getting the right amounts every day. The convenience can’t be beat!

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One comment on “Peek in Our Paks: Kerri V.
  1. Leah Beth-Alchmy says:

    This is the best internet store ever if you are a horse owner I love every thing about SmartPaks you don’t just get the best prices there is but you get the best advice on any questions you may have about your very own horse or any of the best supplements I will never go ant where else I love the breeches I just bought and the name plates this is now and forever cocheese (my horse) and my store thanks for all you do for us you guys are the best ever. I almost forgot the most important this is so faaaaaast delivery wow can not believe how fast you guys are thanks for all you do.

    Leah Beth-Alchmy

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SmartCombo™ Senior Pellets

As Low As: $57.95
(267 reviews)
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