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Starlight moves to Martha’s Vineyard

Giving up a horse is never an easy task. Our daughters lost interest in riding a couple years ago, which left me with one horse too many. Starlight is a great little horse—the perfect combination of sass and talent. She will test you to see who is in charge, but if you proved to her that you could hold the reins, she is a lot of fun! I liked having her on the farm. We called her “The Princess,” a title she very much earned with her wonderful personality. But she is also the horse that will stand quietly on the crossties for handicapped students and smaller children to brush and touch her.


She also has the reputation of being somewhat of a Houdini. Countless times we would find her out grazing on a patch of grass, having let herself out of the barn or her turnout. We learned to put a clip on EVERYTHING as she was quite capable of opening every door or gate on the property!

Such a special horse is difficult to give up, and it had to be done right. We first met Katie years ago through family. She had come to the farm to reconnect with horses after many years of not having them in her life. She worked with Starlight, and the two of them had a special bond. It was sad when Katie could no longer come by to see her, but life had changed for her and the time was no longer there. When we reconnected with Katie recently, she was living back on Martha’s Vineyard where her family has a small farm—with enough space for one more horse! Starlight was moving to the Vineyard!


My daughters, my niece, and some of our friends came by the barn to help get Starlight ready and see her off. After some grooming, wrapping, hugs and kisses, we loaded her onto the trailer and head out. I was nervous about how she was going to handle the ferry ride, so I gave her a tube of SmartCalm Ultra Paste just in case. (Truth be told, I probably needed it more than she did!)

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When we arrived at Little Bark Farm in Vineyard Haven, Starlight got out of the trailer and settled right in. She was greeted by her new friends, Buck and Cowboy. She is much loved where she is, and my family and I couldn’t be any happier.


“The Princess” hasn’t skipped a beat. She is once again ruling over all of the two- and four-legged creatures at her new home. She has also figured out how to pick the locks and is learning where all the best patches of grass can be found.


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3 comments on “Starlight moves to Martha’s Vineyard
  1. Eve R Mead says:

    So enjoyed “Starlights” happy ending and realizing that She needed to be in a new Home where there are plenty of new Friends and Her old Friend and to live out Her Life in a wonderful place as this,,,,,,Blessings to you alllllL!

  2. Rev. Zorena says:

    Loved the photos and the happy new home for Starlight. God Bless.

  3. Katie says:

    This blog was just shared with me …. Starlight is such a special horse. Her and her “mom” made my horse blood flow again. This wonderful women with such a special horse showed me my passion again. Meeting Starlight brought a part of me back. After a two year leave of absence the offer of having her live with me was to good to be true. But I must say at 31 years old the dream of looking out my window and seeing her, has come true! Its funny how special people (and animals) cross pass for a reason! Statlight is a true blessing to lil bark farm! And yes… She owns the place 🙂

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