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Managing SmartPaks Just Got Easier (and more fun!)

The all-new SmartPaks Manager is the best thing to happen to supplements since SmartPaks!

“Faster,” “easier,” “way better than the old way” – these are some of the ways riders have described the SmartPak supplement feeding system. After all, we’re fond of saying that SmartPaks are supplements simplified.

Simplifying supplements since 1999

Simplifying supplements since 1999

Fans of simplicity are going to have even more to rave about now, thanks to the launch of the brand new SmartPaks Manager at! In the SmartPaks Manager, you can edit your horse’s supplements, shipping schedule, and billing information all in one place, with just a few clicks. Even better, you can see when your changes will take effect and when your horse’s SmartPaks will arrive, right in the Order Details.

As a horse owner and longtime SmartPaks user myself, I can’t say enough good things about the new SmartPaks Manager. It’s really user-friendly, it makes edits easy and fun, and it’s just really freaking cool to look at. Even my horse, Cody, loves it because it means I can add super-tasty SmartLytes Pellets to his SmartPaks with just one click!

Cody – consumer of SmartPaks, lover of 'lytes

Cody – consumer of SmartPaks, lover of ‘lytes

But you don’t have to take my word for it – see what the project team had to say!



Want to check out the Manager for yourself? Click “My SmartPaks” under the SmartPak logo at the top of the page!
Don’t have your horse on SmartPaks yet? What are you waiting for?! Visit the Wizard to get a customized supplement recommendation just for your horse!

Sarah Paull

Sarah Paull is a lifelong rider and SmartPak’s Brand Manager. You may know her better as the life-size foam finger from the London Olympics, the host of USEF Network’s Live from London coverage, or “that girl from the Stuff Riders Say videos.” Prior to joining SmartPak in 2008, Sarah worked as a Veterinary Technician at B.W. Furlong & Associates in Oldwick, NJ, and obtained her degree in Equine Science from Centenary College. Sarah is the proud mom of Cody, a semi-retired, 23-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, and she’s currently looking for an eventing partner to help her get rid of all the extra time, money and energy she doesn’t actually have :-) If you're interested in her often-horsey, always-odd musings, follow @SmartPakerSarah on Twitter.

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