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Meet Hannah and “Quinn”


Success Profile: Good Temptations “Quinn”
Breed: Paint/Thoroughbred cross
Age: 8
Discipline: Hunter Under Saddle
Owner: Hannah Heil

After a somewhat inconsistent show season in 2012, I had an unhappy and uncomfortable horse on my hands. At an ulcer scoping clinic, Quinn was diagnosed with gastric ulcers and on my veterinarian’s recommendation, I treated him with GastroGard.

After treatment, I tried several different supplements to help support his stomach, but nothing seemed to help. I called SmartPak and they recommended that I give SmartGut Ultra a try. Since starting on the supplement, Quinn has been his consistent and happy self, even during the stress of traveling and showing. We were even able to make competing at the Pinto World Show this year a reality and not just a far-off goal!

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One comment on “Meet Hannah and “Quinn”
  1. Martha Hornberger says:

    I am so glad that you found out what was wrong with your horse in time to help him. After less than a week, we had to put our 10year old Paint down. He was in severe pain, pounding his feet on the ground with the pain. The vet was here every day trying to help him. We never even suspected ulcers!! The necropsy report said he had a large ulcer that burst! Looking back, we can see little things that might have let us know there was a problem but nothing you could pinpoint as a definite ulcer problem. Keep going to clinics and keep getting good advice and help from Smart Pak. They have helped me with many problems. Marti.

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