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My Favorite Personalized Items for Show Season

With show season starting, I have begun to get my show stuff together. Every year I like to look ahead at my show attire as well as my horses’. It is really important to do this ahead of time so you don’t get to a show and you can only find one show glove! Even though I have my horses at home, I still love to personalize my stuff. It’s a great way to ensure things do not walk away while you’re at a horse show.

Here are a few of my favorite items to have personalized for shows!

SmartPak Small Diamond Deluxe Dressage Saddle Pad

I have this pad with my horse’s name on it. It just gives that personal touch and looks really nice. You can also put a monogram on it as well to keep all of you stuff together if you board at a large barn.

Bridle Bag

My barn colors have always been navy, burgundy, and white, so I decided to get all of my gear bags in these colors with my initials on them. Not only does it look sharp, but it keeps all of my stuff clean and organized. Once I have cleaned and conditioned my bridle I toss it in the bag and it’s ready for horse show day!

Bridle Bag

(17 reviews)

Boot Bag

I used the same color scheme for this and it keeps my show boots in great condition. I even store them in this bag in my tack room. It keeps them dust and mildew free!

Boot Bag
(13 reviews)

Saddle Carry Case

This helps my saddle last longer and stay show-ring beautiful when protected from the dust, dirt, and scratches!

This ships free!
Saddle Carry Case

 $99.95 - $119.95
(6 reviews)

Halter Nameplate

I always use a leather halter for trailering. It is a nice safe option and always looks very nice as well. To top it off, I always have a halter plate with my horse’s name and my name on it. You never know when your horse could get lose at a show!

Halter Nameplate

(277 reviews)

Personalized Fleece Lined Nylon Jacket

This is a great jacket for those first shows of the season and last shows of the season that tend to be chilly. You can put your name, your barn name, or your horse’s name on them. They look very nice and are great to wear in the barn and in the saddle. I usually wear mine to warm up before I put my show coat on.

Wood Grooming Tote

This is a new item on my list this year. I had looked at one in person for a customer, and I absolutely loved it! I plan on adding it to my show gear for this year with a nameplate on it. It’s great for carrying around shows for last-minute touch ups.

This ships free!
Wood Grooming Tote

(21 reviews)

What are your favorite personalized items? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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