Thanks, Mom!

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
– Abraham Lincoln

We couldn’t say it better ourselves—but we thought we’d try anyway. After all, she’s been our chauffeur, our #1 cheerleader, our groom, our mentor, our bank teller, and, most of all, our best friend. So this Mother’s Day, we couldn’t pass up a chance to thank our moms for giving us the greatest gift a bunch of horse-crazy girls could ask for—the chance to follow our dreams. Thanks, Mom, we really do owe everything we are or ever hope to be to you!


“This picture of my mom and I was taken on my first cross-country schooling adventure with my horse Gracie. Not only did my mom surprise me with Gracie a few months prior to this, but she also cheered me on at lots of schooling events and shows. She may not be your typical show mom, but she is worth her weight in gold for the tough love she always gives. I can always count on her honesty when it comes to our performance. Happy Mother’s Day Anita, you’re the best horsey mom in the world!” – Jessica, Customer Care


“My mom, Ginger, knew I’d been bitten with the horse ‘bug’ when I volunteered to work for free at a local trail riding barn. Fast forward 15 years and she’s still my biggest fan. She’s driven 15+hours to cheer me on at a show and spent countless hours helping prep for the next. Win or lose, these memories are something I will always cherish.” – Tierney, Customer Care


“My mom, Gale, is the best because she always supports me and tells me how proud she is regardless of what it is, big or small. When I was 16, my trainer had mentioned going to the PHBA World Show in Tulsa, OK. I never thought we would be able to go, but my mom was as excited as I was about it and agreed to let me go. To my surprise, she joined me and my trainer for the 30-hour drive to Tulsa, OK. Aside from the horseshow experience and all of the successes we had at the show, I will always remember how much fun the three of us had driving out there and back. All of the funny things that happened, the crazy things we saw as we passed through each state, even just listening to the radio as we drove—it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am so thankful for and wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for my mother.” – Katrina, Customer Care




“My mom, Deb, took me on a trail ride for my eleventh birthday, not knowing it would literally change my life forever. She just wanted to share something that she had enjoyed as a kid, as she was always looking for ways to give her kids fun and unique experiences. I was instantly hooked, and my love for horses has shaped every part of my life—from what I do in my spare time to what I do for a living. Thanks, Mom, for always going out of your way to provide me with experiences to help me discover my own passions!” – Lindsay, Creative

Ellen 2

Ellen 3

“My mom, Donna, is the best for many reasons, including always being supportive of my being involved with horses. She drove me to countless riding lessons, spent entire weekends at horse shows for many weekends out of each summer, came to IHSA Regional shows when I was in college to cheer me on, and has listened to many, almost daily, stories about my first horse, Lego, and my current horse, Nemo. When I moved Lego to Plymouth several years ago, she came out multiple times a year to visit him and spent days at the barn. She even dropped everything last fall to drive across MA at the last minute to be there for me when I had to say goodbye to Lego. I’m very appreciative of everything that she does.” – Ellen, Finance


“My mom, Jean, has always been supportive of my horse craziness, even though she’s not a horse person herself. When I was too young to ride, she would take me to feed carrots to horses that lived near us, buy me Saddle Club books, and let me rent The Black Stallion every time we went to the video store. She drove me to (and watched) hundreds of lessons, and she helped me buy my first horse. No matter what, I know I can count on her to truly understand my passion for riding!” – Sara, Creative


“My mom, Kathy, is the best because she knew this wasn’t just a phase! She took me to my first riding lesson at age 5, and she took care of my two retired horses in their golden years. Here she is grazing my horse Chief after a bath in preparation for a horse show.” – Jenny, Customer Care




“I owe my Mom a lot—as a non-horse person, she sure embraced having a horse-crazed daughter. She drove me to the barn literally every weekday afternoon for years on end. She was my savior when Danny would not be caught before lesson time—we joked that to him she looked like a giant carrot. She tirelessly picked shavings out of my socks on every laundry day. She made sure every birthday card (even to this day) has a horse on it. And of course, she always had a knack for bringing exactly what I wanted to eat for horse show lunches. Her support never wavered, even in college she would come watch my matches in my latest endeavor—polo. Thank you for everything, Mom!” – Molly, Merchandising


“My mom, Gail, supported my horse habit in every way, from all the Breyer horse figures, horse books, and horse stuffed animals that could fit in my room, to taking me to my lessons and buying me my miniature horse, Cody. She may have had to endure some uncomfortable experiences—I know she cringed every time I went over a jump, and the resident goat at my first barn loved to chew on her coat while she watched me ride, and learning about caring for my little gelding with me (sheath cleaning??) was sometimes trying—but she stuck by me through it all with a smile and lots of hugs. I love you so much, Mom, and I appreciate everything you do for me!” – Lyn, Customer Care


“My Mother, Robin, is more than just a mother or a support system; she is my cheerleader, my point counter, my fashion consultant, and ring-side assistant. But most of all, she always believed in me. On my 16th birthday, my mother gave me two choices: go to Ireland on a mother/daughter trip or go chase your dreams in Oklahoma City at the Appaloosa Youth Worlds show. Clearly, I choose showing! She believed in me and my ability, and although I’m sure she would have rather have been sipping coffee, green mountain side, she was there ring side in 100-degree weather cheering me on. That’s my Mother—my role model!” – Brett, Customer Care



“My mom is the best because she’s always been there to take me to every lesson and watched every show, even when it was hours away. She never forgets a treat when she’s at the barn either, and Socks really appreciates that!” – Courtney, Marketing



“My mom is the absolute best horse-show mom on the planet. Since I was a little girl and began riding, she would cart me to the farm every day after school (change of clothes and a snack were packed for me each morning). During college, she never missed an IHSA show. Mind you, I went to the University of Maryland, so the closest horse show was 4 hours away. Even now that I am older, my mom comes to every horse show and always cheers me on (especially after the not-so-great rides). Love you mom, thanks for being one of a kind!” – Veronica, Customer Care


“I am so lucky to have the best show mom there ever was!!! My mom, Jackie, definitely had a hard task but aced it with flying blue ribbons. Thank you mom for putting up with the long nights grooming or packing. Thank you for being the best groom, ready to hold the horse at any time, spray gloss all over the horses before we go in the ring, wipe off boots and add another layer of lipstick. Thank you for running to get patterns and being my private coach on the sidelines trying to use your own secret language to tell me Slapshot picked up the wrong lead. Thank you for being there for all the tears, falls, broken bones (including your finger!). You taught me so much about hard work and how practice makes perfect. Thank you for not giving up on me or Slapshot. We had many battles along the way, but the relationship the three of us have could not be more perfect. Thank you mom for helping me make my dreams come true!!!” – Nina, Customer Care


“Since the time I was about three, my mom, Wendy, knew I was hooked on horses. After we got our feet wet, my sister Gina and I rode competitively from the start. Mom brought us to every lesson and sat ringside, ready with drink and sandwich in hand. She is still the ultimate horse show Mom, always prepared with a gourmet spread to feed at least half the riders on any given Sunday. Thanks Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!” – Marcella, Customer Care

“Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Karen, who took me to countless Wednesday afternoon riding lessons and sent me during the summer to Girl Scout Riding Camp! No matter what the outcome, she was always cheering for me. Without her support, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Have a great Mother’s Day!!” – Pam, Customer Care

“My mom is the best, she drove me to the barn every weekend so I could work with the horses and stayed to watch every riding lesson I ever had, no matter how wet, cold, or hot it was outside. She was always there. When I bought my horse Cocoa in 2007, rides to the barn were needed every day rather than just weekends, and she happily incorporated them into her schedule and stayed with me while I groomed and fussed over my new horse. She always did it with a smile on her face and documented every moment she could with pictures so I can look back at them now and remember the good times. Thanks for being the best, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day from Kristina and Cocoa!” – Kristina, Customer Care


“My mom, Judy, is the best! She has always been my number one supporter and loudest cheering section. My mom has encouraged me to be confident and brave. She has come to every show always polishing my boots as I walk towards the ring on my horse. She always brings the one thing I forgot whether we are just going to the barn to groom or going to a major event. I have always counted on her, and she has always been there for me. X’s and O’s with ‘Thank you’s’ are eternally yours, ma!!” – Olivia, SmartPak Retail Store


“My mom, Sue, is the best horse grandma ever! She mends blankets, washes saddle pads, packs my horse show lunches, and always remembers Sam’s birthday with a cake. Thank you, Mom, for always being there for Sam and me, through all of our adventures!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care


“My mom, Mary, was a single mom, and the closest I ever got to summer camp was mucking stalls at a nearby barn in exchange for ‘proximity to horses’ (now that’s a strong currency!). At the end of one summer, the barn owner offered to give me my favorite horse at the barn for all my free labor. After much deliberation and number crunching, my mom figured out how to make it work—to this day, I don’t know how she did it! She henceforth spent countless weekends as my hauler/groomer/photographer/trainer extraordinaire at local horse shows, compulsively wiping the dust off my tall boots and trying to get both me and the horse to drink enough water. She always cheered the loudest when I got a ribbon—and when I didn’t, she listened to me speculate endlessly about what I might have done wrong (and was always too kind to bring up the relevant fact that I’d picked up the wrong lead in front of the judge—twice). My mom eventually took up riding to keep my horse in shape while I was away at college. A decade and a half later, my horse show days long behind me, and my mom is still involved in my riding. She said recently that it makes her happy that I’m riding for pure enjoyment now. Thanks, Mom, for giving me the best gift I’ve ever received—a childhood surrounded by horses and the opportunity to grow up to be a lifelong horsewoman.” – Emily, Accounting


“My mom, Mikki, was bitten by the horse bug as a young girl and luckily has always understood my passion (okay, sometimes obsession) for horses. She has always been my #1 barn mate, from freezing her butt off during my New England winter lessons, to dealing with me at 3 a.m. as I head off to a horseshow. She understands the peacefulness that comes from cleaning stalls and would probably roll around in a fresh bed of shavings if it were socially acceptable. She also appreciates when I return home from the barn with the fragrance of horse trailing me as I wander around the house, while my dad plugs his nose and tells me I stink. I could not imagine my life without the experiences, friends, and horses that the equine world has introduced me to, and I have my mom to thank. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” – Erica, Finance



“My mom, Shauna, is the best for driving me to the barn hundreds (maybe thousands?) of times and always supporting my dream of riding. No matter how many times I fell off (and it was a lot!) or how those long horse show days were, my mom always believed in me and was there to be my personal stylist, assistant, and cheerleader all at once. I would have never achieved many of my riding goals without her endless support and encouragement over the years—thanks, Mom!” – Kerri, Marketing

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3 comments on “Thanks, Mom!
  1. Shauna says:

    I loved every minute of watching you ride! I am so proud of who you have become and of all your achievements! Love you always

  2. Mikki Hjorth says:

    You are the most compassionate, caring person I know not to mention hardworking!!! It was great fun going to the shows with you and watching you compete for those ribbons and trophies!! I would do it all over again. Keep up the riding and the passion for these beautiful animals and how they make you feel so happy!!!!!!

  3. cindy bruce says:

    No feeling can compare than to watch my girl do what she loves the most. Her horses are not her pets but are her life. Her passion for horses started at the early age of seven and continues. She is the most happy and content in the saddle. What does a mother want – to see her child happy. Love you so much!

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