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Top Product Picks for Ponies

As most pony owners know, it can be quite tedious to outfit a pony—pint-sized items can be surprisingly hard to come by! Here are some of my favorite items I’ve found that are available for smaller-sized equines.

SmartPak Ultimate Pony Turnout Blanket

SmartPak’s much-loved Ultimate Turnout is available in pony sizes! Available in light weight and medium weight, this ultra durable, ultra tough blanket is perfect for the naughty little pony in your life. Not only does this blanket feature a 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee, but it also qualifies for Free Shipping Both Ways, so it’s easy to get just the right fit!

This ships free!
SmartPak Ultimate Pony Turnout Blanket

 $174.95 - $189.95
(31 reviews)

Rambo Newmarket Fleece Cooler

The Rambo Newmarket Cooler is a classic. Available as small as a size 60, this gorgeous, substantial cooler will have any horse (or pony!) looking sharp. I even use mine as a layering piece when it gets extra frigid outside. It’s hard to beat such a classy look! Sometimes I just like to have my pony wear it to look fancy.

Rambo Newmarket Fleece Cooler
(111 reviews)

Plymouth Padded Fancy Stitch Bridle by SmartPak

You’d never guess that this bridle costs less than $100! It has everything—padding, stitching, and a gorgeous deep brown color. I LOVE this bridle for schooling and it even has a matching martingale! This bridle even fits ponies with a dainty little muzzle, something that can be really hard to come across.

This ships free!
Plymouth Hunter Bridle by SmartPak

(200 reviews)

Happy Mouth Pastel Jointed Loose Ring Bit

So first of all, these come in colors—pink, blue, and lavender—to appeal to your fun side. Secondly, they come in a 4.5” for smaller mouths! Happy mouth bits are appealing to equines for a number of reasons. They smell great, they’re softer than metal bits, and as a personal favorite, they don’t get as cold during the wintertime!

SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets

This is a great supplement for the chunky pony in your life who struggles to maintain a healthy weight. The comprehensive formula helps to support healthy metabolic function. Combined with diet and exercise, I know I’m doing my best to support a happy and healthy pony. What I love most about this is that most ponies that are overweight receive little to no grain, and these tasty pellets let them feel like they’re getting a proper meal!

SmartMetabo-Lean® Pellets

As Low As: $35.95
(348 reviews)
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2 comments on “Top Product Picks for Ponies
  1. Merridy Hance says:

    Thank you for catering to ponies. I’m always eager for stuff for small ponies — like 11 hands or so. I’d love to find a light fly sheet, sports medicine boots, an ear net. For all of these things I’m searching elsewhere, but I love to turn to Smart Pak first.

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