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Horse of the Month: Curly

Horse of the Month: Curly
Breed: Mustang
Age: 8 years old
PATH Intl. Accredited Center: HorseBuds Therapeutic Riding Center
Location: Greeley, CO


Curly is an 8 year old Curly mustang gelding. He is hypoallergenic, and an extreme Curly meaning he never has a mane or tail. Even though he looks different, he is priceless to us. His big personality and mustache win hearts every day! He has huge movement which is valuable for therapeutic riding to strengthen rider’s muscles, especially those riders with difficulty walking. He is a jokester who smiles on command, bobs for apples, picks up cones and swings them, and stands like a rock for mounting and dismounting. Everyone loves Curly and he adds tons of fun to our center.


A young boy with autism had ridden three different horses over the past year, but when he started riding Curly he began to show affection toward him by petting him and praising him, whereas in the past he would never pet the horse. He and Curly made a great team because Curly is not over-sensitive, so when this rider started to learn to use the reins, Curly was very forgiving. This young teenager loved to trot Curly and would throw his hands in the air and become very verbal. When he first came to the center he could only say or sign one word, such as ball, but soon he was saying Curly smile, Curly walk-on, and when asked what his favorite animal was, he replied, “a horse.” When I said “what horse?” He said, “This horse,” and petted Curly. I asked him the horse’s name, and he said, “Curly!” He is also starting to put together simple sentences, he has learned to act more appropriately with animals; he can lead the horse, and step it up to the mounting block. His favorite game on horseback is tag! Curly makes him happy and gives him confidence.


Curly helps with Therapeutic Riding for cognitive and physical disabilities because he has such big movement and doesn’t mind a rider off-balanced. He is also good for Wild About Horses — a program for at-risk students because he teaches children how to set boundaries, show respect, and how to be patient. He is wonderful for HorseBuddies Family Play Dates because he loves to be painted, and smiles for treats which helps with verbal skills and addresses sensory issues, and he loves to play games with foam swords, balls, hoola hoops, and rings. Curly even enjoys dressing up for attention!

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PATH Intl.

SmartPak has teamed up with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International or, PATH Intl. to recognize horses who participate in equine-assisted activities and therapies across the country. These hard-working and kindhearted horses help serve participants of all ages with a range of physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges. Horses involved in the program allow the participants to receive rewarding benefits by promoting an awareness of body, mind and spirit. The SmartPak Horse of the Month program recognizes an equine-assisted activities and therapies horse from a certified PATH Intl. center each month by sharing their story and providing one month of SmartSupplements in SmartPaks for the recipient. Nominate a special horse you know.

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6 comments on “Horse of the Month: Curly
  1. Deb Michael says:

    Curly looks forward to having his SmartPak every morning and is always full of smiles when he sees me coming with the bucket!

  2. Yvonne says:

    What a fantastic horse! He’s absolutely adorable and seems to have such a dear, and beautiful heart. Thanks for all the good work Curly and HorseBuddies.

  3. Beverly says:

    This horse truly deserves the horse of the month!! What a great guy and fun spirit.

  4. barbara gordon says:

    thanks for sharing what a special guy he is. put a smile on my face.

  5. Bonnie Hammond says:

    Go Curly Go! What a wonderful horse you are!

  6. Janet Padgett says:

    Wow what a blessing to these children! Love this story.

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