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Riding is more than a sport. It’s beyond an attitude, and larger than a lifestyle. It’s who you are, so here’s to the fearless kid in you. Have a great ride!

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7 comments on “Fearless
  1. Kath says:

    I like the ‘fearless’ short film about people loving horses and the equestrian sport, i’m one of them. However the picture showing a “crazy horse” made me very sad. It represents a very large number of horses that are being kept behind bars like prisoners, locked up in their small cells (often in expensive stables). They’re virtually going crazy because we humans decide this is best for a horse. Horses need space and interaction with other horses, it’s a fact that a happy horse is much more enjoyable to handle than a “crazy horse”.

  2. Bertsy says:

    I also loved the video and completely agree with Kath’s comments. A child walked through the barn and said that the horses were in cages.We can call them stalls but the kid’s right they are cages! And this for an animal that should be moving 24/7. PS that’s not my barn or my horse, he’s out in his run whenever he pleases. Keep your horse happy, get him out and moving. And thanks for another entertaining video.

  3. bette fredrickson says:

    I would like to add to the above comments. Not all horse owners have the luxury of 24/7 turn out although it is by far the healthiest. BUT to show kids on a pony without a helmet is not unforgivable!

  4. bette fredrickson says:

    oops NOT forgivable!

  5. Kylie says:

    So, i loved this video. But here is my take on helmets: if u r doing something new, use one (for western) for English, if u r jumping, use a helmet. If not then relax. Plus if u r old enough to pay for your heathcare, u r old enough to decide. 🙂

  6. Joannette Korngold says:

    Regarding horses being stalled. At my barn their stalls are cleaned twice per day, and they have daily turn out. My opinion they have the best of both worlds with clean straw bedding, and daily turn out. If I were a horse, I would be living the dream.

    Regarding helmets I believe they are a must. I have seen too many freak accidents where the horse just stumbled and went down. One always must think of safety first!

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