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How to fold a blanket



Tired of struggling with unruly blankets or leg straps hanging out all over the place? SmartPak to the rescue! This video shows you the easy way to get a tidy fold in no time flat!

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2 comments on “How to fold a blanket
  1. Mari says:

    If you put the blanket on from the right side of the horse (off side), you won’t have to worry about the surcingles hitting him or his legs. Additionally, if you are using a blanket with legs straps–I have 2 suggestions. One is to reattach the straps after you undo them, when taking the blanket off, (but, obviously, without going around the leg) so that they don’t hit the horse when you’re putting the blanket on. The other is to attach the first leg strap to the “same side” leg “D”; then, when attaching the second leg strap, loop it through the first leg strap before attaching it to its own “D”. This not only keeps the blanket secure–it also holds each leg strap away from the inside of the horse’s leg, so as to keep them from rubbing there! It’s also easier than attaching them to opposite sides, because you don’t need to either duck down as far to reach the opposite “D”; or keep switching sides.

    • Melanie Bothell says:

      If you are simply folding the blankets for storage this instruction is OK. However, most of us need to fold and hang up on the stall door or a wall rack for later use, and the method used won’t work very well. I have two different options for your consideration: First, lay out the blanket as shown in the video, connecting any leg straps to corresponding dee-rings. Second, fold blanket down in half from top to bottom. Third, fold in the front, neck section all the way to the end of the blanket, and then you can easily hang up the blanket anywhere. I find that this works best, but if you have fancy blankets with monograms and trims/pipings, then you need to experiment. I hope this helps!

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