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My Horse’s Closet: Lexi and Sasha

As anyone who’s seen the piles of my blankets on my tack trunk can tell you, I really like blankets. Sasha doesn’t feel quite the same way as I do, but because she’s a body-clipped horse in New England, she has an extensive winter wardrobe for when she’s outside, for when she’s inside, and for our rides. These are all of the blankets that she has in her collection:

For when she’s outside:
Rhino Wug
Rhino SmartPak Collection Wug Turnout
This turnout has been one of Sasha’s most-used blankets this year. I have it in the lightweight (no fill) option, which was perfect for our mild fall days. It’s one of my favorites because not only does it come in a super-stylish plaid that Sasha looks fabulous in, but it also has great features and unique technology. It has Rhino’s exclusive Barrier Technology, which means that even if your horse manages to tear through the outer shell, the waterproof protection remains intact. I also love that has features to make it comfortable for the horse, like the V-front closure to relieve pressure on the shoulders and the Surefit neck design to eliminate pressure on the withers.

This ships free!
Rhino SmartPak Collection Wug Turnout Blanket

 $219.95 - $239.95
(190 reviews)

SmartPak Classic Turnout Blanket
Since Sasha’s turnout sheet is usually her top layer, I like to have two to choose from. That way if she’s outside in the rain, I can swap the wet one out and allow it to dry without worrying that she doesn’t have enough clothes on. Sasha’s second turnout sheet is the SmartPak Classic Turnout Blanket.

This turnout sheet is a great budget-friendly option for a horse that isn’t hard on their blankets. Though Sasha likes to roll and get her blankets dirty, she doesn’t tend to destroy them, and she’s turned out alone, so she doesn’t have any pasture mates to play “blanket tag” with. Because of that, this sheet’s 600 denier outer shell has held up well and kept her dry for two seasons. It has a double buckle front, two low cross surcingles, and leg straps to keep it secure and in place (even after she goes down for a roll), and the fleece at the withers ensure that she doesn’t get rubs, even though she’s a delicate flower.
SP Classic

This ships free!
SmartPak Classic Turnout Blanket

 $109.95 - $119.95
(192 reviews)

Amigo 1200D Bravo 12 Turnout
Amigo Bravo_layers
This is one of my favorite turnout blankets of all time, and Sasha has it in three different weights: medium/lite (100g of fill), medium (250g of fill), and heavy (400 g of fill). She wears them alone or I layer them together during the really frigid days that come with New England winters.

Sasha’s worn all three of her Amigo 1200D Bravo 12 Turnouts for two winters now, and the 1200 denier outer shell has proven to be both durable and waterproof. And whether she’s tooling around in the paddock, just hanging out, or taking a nap in her stall, the two front closures, belly surcingles, and tail strap make sure that it stays in place and doesn’t shift.

This ships free!
Amigo 1200D Bravo 12 Turnout Blanket

 $164.95 - $189.95
(195 reviews)

For when she’s inside:
Baker Sheet
A Baker Sheet is a staple in any hunter’s wardrobe, and Sasha is no exception. I’m a sucker for plaid, and I love how Sasha looks in this classic sheet. Since she can’t wear it outside it doesn’t see as much use as some of her other blankets, but it’s a great lightweight layer for cool fall nights.

This ships free!
Baker™ Sheet

(86 reviews)

Amigo Insulator Stable Blanket
This stable blanket is perfect for keeping Sasha cozy and warm when she’s inside. I have the medium/lite weight (100g of fill), which is my absolute favorite blanket weight for Sasha. She tends to get hot and needs to be blanketed less heavily than other horses, and 100g is a great in-between weight for the nights when she’d be too hot in her medium turnout. I like to use it on chilly fall nights when she needs a blanket that’s a little more substantial than her sheet, or as a lightweight layer under another blanket when it gets really cold.

This ships free!
Amigo Insulator Stable Blanket

 $89.95 - $104.95
(105 reviews)

For winter rides:
Rambo cooler
Rambo Deluxe Fleece
I’ve had a variety of coolers over the years, and this fleece is my absolute favorite out of all of them. The double-bonded, anti-pilling fleece is super thick, super cozy, and super warm. It also wicks sweat amazingly well, which is exactly what I need for Sasha, who’s a heavy sweater. I like that it has double front closures, cross belly surcingles, and a tail cord so you can leave it on your horse while they’re in their stall without worrying about it not staying secure.

This ships free!
Rambo Deluxe Fleece

 $120.95 - $134.95
(25 reviews)

Back on Track Quarter Sheet
The final piece in Sasha’s wardrobe is her Back on Track Quarter Sheet. Sasha has a tendency to get a little sore in her hind end when she works hard, so she wears this during our rides on colder days. I feel good knowing that it helps warm up her muscles before she works and helps keep them loose and supple during our rides.

This ships free!
Back on Track Quarter Sheet

(21 reviews)

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