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SmartPak Barn Field Trip, Part 5: Measuring horse height



Download the worksheet to test your knowledge (includes bonus questions not in the video)!

How tall is your horse? How many inches are in a hand? Would you know how to safely use a height stick to measure your horse? Knowing how to measure your horse’s height is an essential part of being a horse owner, so we’re giving you the chance to learn how to do it along with some SmartPakers on SmartPak’s Barn Field Trip.

Every few months, SmartPak sends both new and current employees from every department to a local barn to learn about basic horse care from Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Staff Veterinarian.

The fifth video in our Barn Field Trip series focuses on how to safely measure a horse’s height. Click here to download a worksheet and test yourself along with the SmartPakers – this one has some fun bonus questions, too!

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