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Ask the Vet – Blanketing, Coughing, Arthritis, & More!



You asked, we answered! In the first episode of our new monthly series, Ask the Vet, Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer your questions about how to blanket a horse correctly, should you ride in a quarter sheet, what to do about a horse that coughs and sneezes during warm up, whether or not horses can develop immunities to supplements, and what is the best supplement for a young horse with arthritis that shows up mostly in the winter.

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Questions answered in this episode:
1. How do you blanket a horse correctly in the winter months? At what temperatures should I move from a light weight to a medium or a heavy?
2. Hello! I rode in a quarter sheet for the first time this winter today. Where I live when I ride it is usually 40-50° F. I usually warm up with it on and take it off… should I keep it on the entire ride or not? Thank you (my horse has a full body clip btw!).
3. I started fully leasing an 11-year-old Paint this spring. For the first ten minutes or so of warming up, he coughs and sneezes constantly, and then he’s fine. However, if we stop and walk around for a bit and then start working again, he starts coughing and sneezing. His owner says he’s been tested for lots of things, including allergies, and they’ve come back with nothing. Any suggestions?
4. Can horses develop “immunities” to supplements if fed the same thing for many years? For example, will my horse’s joint supplement become less effective over time, requiring her to upgrade to a stronger supplement? (She is only 6-years-old, so it will be a long while before she needs to switch to a senior one!)
5. I have a 5-year-old horse that has slight arthritis on the bottom of her knee. The arthritis shows up in the winter time the most. What supplement do you recommend for arthritis pain?

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4 comments on “Ask the Vet – Blanketing, Coughing, Arthritis, & More!
  1. Betty Salmon says:

    What a great idea. I enjoyed this informative video. It was particularly interesting to hear Dr. Lydia Gray go through the questions that come to mind as she makes her determination. It’s always good to be reminded of the factors that go into any decision that affects your horse. Thank you for providing this service to us.

  2. Mary Larson says:

    Great info Not too lengthy so can read it in one sitting. Encore !

  3. Susan H says:

    I have a horse who has copd I soak his hay everyday and give him spurlina in his grain he seems to feel fine but his nasal sound is tiny bit louder than normal but very rarely coughs . He does run around after being his stall for a few days due to awful weather. I noticed his nose has clear liquid in his nose in the morning and his stall is pine shaving that are little damp to stop dust and has the best stall with lots of air flow. But Summer’s coming and his area can get dusty if we have a dry weather, what Can I use in his paddock area to help stop the dust . I’ve had him since he was 5 now he is 22 years

  4. Susan says:

    Not a sales pitch, but a level-headed, informative conversation. Keep up the good work.

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